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for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance

12/3/2020 c60 MariSweet
I’m so mad at myself I totally didn’t realize the connection between the names that Sally has been using as a cover for Tom’s conversation were meant to be play ons for Goodrich, Helga, and Rowena. I realized it at the beginning of chapter 60. I might still be totally off base but the made up situation just seems to parallel so well with the reasons why Salazar chose to leave in the first place along with the image in the mirror.
12/1/2020 c98 3MissPugLover
I've spent the past day binging this fic and it is written so freaking well, I can't even believe it. The premise, the plotlines, all of it is just...incredible.
One request though, I'd prefer Hermione to not have a thing with Snape, as she still is the fifteen year old girl, even though she's like also Salazar and all that. If you do end up with this, I dare say that this would be the only Snamione fic I would read, reread, and recommend. For me, that is the highest of compliments I could give, in all honesty.
I'm so so so glad that Theo's finally going under Hermione's protection, and I really hope at some point she can reveal *some* of her secrets to somebody, so she doesn't have such a burden riding on her. But maybe that's just me-if I had kept a secret and alter-identity of that size for that long, I think I'd completely crack under the pressure.
Looking forward to year 5~
11/27/2020 c2 joel jeremiah c
11/27/2020 c97 joel jeremiah c
this is the best thing ever
I can't wait for the next year
could you imagine how cool would it be
also will her little secret be revealed or will it still be the same without anyone knowing
all of that jazz
now here is the real thing
I can't wait for the romance at year 5 and 6
11/27/2020 c48 joel jeremiah c
amazing, this is the best fanfic ever
11/24/2020 c98 Shiraishichan91
OMG! I love this story so much I can't wait for more!
11/19/2020 c98 TiredSquishy
This hasnt bern abandon has it
11/17/2020 c87 2Nihatclodra
I'm beginning to get the impression that Hermione will end up being paired with Snape in this fanfic...
11/13/2020 c1 Nihatclodra
I honestly hope thatonce romance comes into this story, you pair Salazar/Hermione with Harry, as the sheer mechanics and implications of such a relationship would be interesting...
11/12/2020 c98 17Ridea
This has been absolutely wonderful to read! It is original in its take and portrayal! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Thank you for sharing it.
11/9/2020 c98 sashaahmad2522
you're absolutely amazing this story is awesome and im glad to see u plan to update! i have a tiny suggestion! i think sirius needs more involvement because hes kind of the head of the black household now and even though hes for the light he still is an old family. also, since draco ends up being forced to do that stuff in yr 6, it may need to start earlier in some form bc the dark lord will find himself without very many allies as he thought he had so even if he isnt ordered to kill dumbledore he needs to be influenced at least a bit unless u plan to have him play it safe. my last suggestion is have lucius play a double agent for S, but the only ones who know this are lucius and s bc the entire faction knowing would get back to dumbledore. this way s can get super secret info since lucius is in the inner circle. this is a wonderful book!
11/1/2020 c98 Guest
11/1/2020 c36 jlt314
this strains the old suspenders of disbelief to the breaking point, really does. "the Draco" (as in TVtropes sense) doesn't feel guilty. angry about losing to a mudblood and about people telling him that the rules (of dueling in this case) actually apply to him too? sure. swearing vengeance upon said mudblood and upon those enforcing the rules? certainly.
10/31/2020 c98 6Dragons and Dragons
This is INCREDIBLE! Also - I didn’t know this was in AO3 - I might want to search it out there. Does it have the same title on that platform?

When Theo commented on Slytherin’s perfume, I thought for a second he’d linked the two of them somehow, but apparently not? I do have to wonder what his thoughts were about the roses, though.

I did NOT see that twist coming, of Moody not being the imposter. I should have - I noticed that they didn’t catch the clues about Moody always being in god room that they found in canon, which is really suspicious since in this story they were actively paying attention to that. I wrote it off as you forgetting something - I should know better than that by this point. It’s not the sort of detail you just forget.

I’ve been wondering if it’s maybe time for Sally to come clean to Severus. Not the Nocturne group, unfortunately - they would screw up their relationship with her, possibly irreparably, but Severus... he’s the one person that knows what she’s dealing with and is in a position to help. It would undoubtedly make things awkward for a bit, but he is experienced enough to come to the conclusion that she’s still the same person she was before and mature enough to not hold her secrets against her. It might be good for her to let someone into that high tower of hers. Also, hopefully this means he will stop being so cold to Portrait Salazar, which is a plus.
10/30/2020 c25 jlt314
well, color me surprised. this is definitely the first fic I've read where the interaction with the Dursleys is actually a civil one. admittedly, it strains belief to a degree that the Dursleys would converse with another "freak" from "that school", give or take a muggle family, in a civil manner, but the idea counts.
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