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for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance

5/18 c98 7saralinn
I love this so much! I legit binged this in one day! I cant wait for year 5!
5/15 c98 Ccoronamontijo
Are you still alive?
5/8 c96 12Harry2
Things are coming tpgether. And Hermione IS NOT HAPPY!
5/7 c89 Harry2
We know who it is, Barty Crunch Jr, using Polyjuice to impersonate Moody.
5/5 c72 Harry2
Severus now knows that Hermione is S! But, he doesn't know EVERYTHING about Hermione.
5/4 c63 Harry2
Bring on Year 4!
5/4 c55 Harry2
Snape suspects something!
5/3 c35 Harry2
Draco, you got told off BUT GOOD! And by your own house, no less! Might be time to eat some humble pie.
5/3 c29 Harry2
Sneaky, VERY SNEAKY! But its going to pay off for the students.
5/2 c23 Harry2
One threat by Riddle has been dealt with. But now Salazar/Hermione is aware of the Horcruxes. And that, will spell trouble in the future
5/1 c14 Harry2
The game is in play, and a move is being made. Hopefully, it will work better than what Dumb Dumb is up to.
5/1 c98 Temujinthedemon
I just want you to know that I love this story and would love to see more.
5/1 c10 Harry2
Oh Hermione/Salazar, if only you knew the truth. Dumbledore DOES NOT want Potter to succeed! Potter and Voldemort end up killing one another, and Dumbledore COMES OUT A HERO, having trained the young martyr Harry Potter!
5/1 c6 Harry2
Loved seeing Hermione/Salazar talking not only with her own portrait, but those of the other founders as well! Now, its time to prepare to Strike when the opportunity presents itself
5/1 c4 Harry2
Time to start planning what is needed to clean up the Slytherin name, as well as figure out what else has happened in the years that have passed.
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