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for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance

5/13/2023 c12 ruth hammond
Re. Top of chapter AN.
Good thing to do when you do not know what to do with something. I have seen too many writers keep trying to make something fit and make a MESS! [An OLD advanced writing teacher!] I must say that I am really enjoying your writing. Thank you.
Too bad we do not follow the old ways of speaking to others until given permission to call them by their first names.
5/5/2023 c98 war-gerbil777
Amazing and wonderful, no matter how many times I re-read it.
5/4/2023 c25 Verina Du'Arden
Dobby... of course.
5/4/2023 c6 Verina Du'Arden
Then you should eat more sugary treats.
4/24/2023 c14 ruth hammond
Have to go to bed before the sun is up and I have to finish the laundry and packing for a week's camping and fishing. Steve has started planting the garden...tomatoes, several kinds of onions [ a variety of dry onions called Candy and they are the very best, last a long time with the very best flavor with little spoilage, imagine have the onions in the basement that are fresh in the last part of February!] Anyway, I sit here thinking of what we can do with them in a couple of months. Steve's first in a half inch slice on a hamburger and I think of a big bowl of Potato Salad without the sore stomach! Anyway, I am sitting here thinking of cooking and really enjoying the chapter and along comes Edmund, what a fun conversation. Thank you for your writing!
3/16/2023 c30 acowles02
Just make lockheart get a big head over his new “teaching” and do something stupid. Like vanishing Harry’s arm.
2/18/2023 c98 Guest
This story is a delight. This is the third time I've reread it. Would love to read the next year once it's posted (and hoping it's not abandoned!)
1/31/2023 c98 1Asters
loving this. hope to hear from you again someday.
1/31/2023 c64 Asters
but i didn’t and i love it
1/31/2023 c64 Asters
i can’t believe i didn’t see the gloria rowly henry thing coming
1/31/2023 c50 Asters
loving your story so far! just one thing is, i feel like it would have been more interesting if harry had seen it was the mirror. it would have been an opportunity to flesh his character out more, give him some agency, as opposed to everything being directed by sal.
12/29/2022 c98 SepiraKurisutaru
I miss thisvhope it'll get updated some day
12/25/2022 c9 1arubaturos
My anger issues really can't stand these foolish Gryffindor
12/23/2022 c98 pieeeeee
I don’t think you will read this, but thank you for writing this story even if it seems like it won’t update anymore. It’s quite the perspective changer, and it’s one of the few Harry Potter fanfics that I still reread from time to time because it makes me feel a lot of things (good things don’t worry!)
11/20/2022 c76 Guest
Why not use the map, which she knows about, to find if he’s an imposter? Other than author fiat?
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