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for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance

12/4/2021 c88 liasora
It's sweet of how Theo is so perceptive of her. I am almost pairing them up.
11/8/2021 c98 Milac7264
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

Come back to us. I have been patiently waiting for an update to the story as have the numerous people following it. I do hope that we would have an update some time in the future. Please do not male us wait for long.
10/27/2021 c98 Tata77
Is there any hope for this story to be continued?
10/17/2021 c98 Bee2595
ohhhh I can't wait for the fifth year to start! I love your story and how you depict the characters! You do an amazing job!
10/5/2021 c98 11Hankton
Man I want more.
10/5/2021 c98 Kady
I've spent the last couple of days reading your amazing story and I am hooked! The web you're spinning is gorgeous, and I for one cannot wait until you're ready to start with Year 5! 3
10/5/2021 c61 Hankton
I don't get why they don't just hit scabbers with an animagus reversal spell
10/2/2021 c46 heart.dramione
love your take how you told the truth of Slytherin's legacy! Great job & now onward to read the rest of the story!
9/30/2021 c98 1hopelessromantic92
I love this fic! I look forward to the rest of it!
9/6/2021 c35 HamClad
Welp, Draco gets the reality check he so desperately needs. Hopefully it sticks this time around.
9/3/2021 c98 Alice Brandt
I love this fic, I've read it at least tree times already, can't wait for more. Please, keep up the good work!
Now, about the romance subplot, I hope Sal doesn't end up with Snape, I like him but not enough to want him to be the end game, so to speak. The whole resurrection thing make things a little awkward for Theo too, but it is still a better match, even more so if it takes time (until adulthood at least) for them to get there. Maybe even someone from the neutral dark faction or anyone else, really, because Snape just don't do it for me, but, no matter who she end up with I won't stop reading this fic because I'm reading it for the epicness of it and not the romance.
8/20/2021 c1 Nickalina
I have loved this story so much for so long. Please let us know if you choose not to continue, but no pressure.
8/16/2021 c97 Kali-blue
Glad that you added something a little over a year ago. I hope you are doing well and plan to continue this fic. Having Nott the younger sense roses and possibly connect it to HG is intriguing. How to move forward as your plot tightens is curious, and exciting. Wishing you the best. Kali
8/15/2021 c4 P.K.D. Heshan
Hogwarts never going to know what hit them
7/25/2021 c98 nolongeracollegestudent34
I agree with the previous comment. Given her reincarnation status, it would not make sense for her to be attracted (mentally and physically) to the peers she grew up with as Hermione. Rather, if she met an OC in her 30's, they would match her mental age more. I can imagine her choosing to be a single mother and becoming a mother first before having a husband. After Voldemort's demise that is. Creating her own family, with biological children and dear friends. Eventually- meeting a worthy match as she put it for in Theo's case. She's old school- courting and all that is her jam. :) I approve.
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