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6/13/2016 c4 Megzzzzzeeeee
Well, that escalated quickly
9/23/2015 c2 1Tlgrimn
Aww. Your story is so sweet. However, I seem to be noticing a few grammatical errors (ex: capitalization, punctuation, etc.) I would really like for you to fix it so I can focus on the content of his lovely story. Keep up the good work!
9/17/2015 c4 KanadeKirishima
Kyaaa! I have no words to describe this chapter, just did not expect that happen xDD, if I liked the last chapter, I love this chapter, the proposed Haise was great ! Already remember Ken? Kaneki is back? And those words from Touka *0*
The end of the chapter! You left it too ... Habra smut / lemon? 7u7
Continues ! the best chapter :333 You write beautiful c:
9/16/2015 c2 KanadeKirishima
OMG! This chapter fascinated me, beautiful ! Haise was wrong place xD
cute! And that hug, I loved it.

The last part was great! That was Kaneki? Awww!

PS: Sorry if you do not understand a word, my English is a little bad /3
9/15/2015 c4 Ken18
I wish this can happen.
9/15/2015 c4 5keytoglitter
/screams and rolls on the floor/ SO CUTE AHHHH! I really liked the part where Yomo closed the shop in the end to give them more 'privacy'. The part where Touka expresses that she would take him in whether he is Haiser or Kaneki really got to me, the conversation structure was really well thought out! (: more details could have been added to express their feelings, e.g. small conversations with themselves for what they were thinking at that point in time, would have made the readers feel more connected to the story! Overall, good job! (:
2/1/2015 c3 kumadechu
I love this chapter!
Will wait for next update.. XD
Good luck!
1/23/2015 c2 41xxxDreamingflowerxxx
This is so sad, very sad. Poor Touka, the only thin she can do is wait and hope he'll remember his past.

That idiot has no idea how much he hurt his friends. Kaneki wake up! Stupid idiot!

I enjoyed this oneshot too, I noticed some grammar errors, but they're a few
1/23/2015 c1 xxxDreamingflowerxxx
Hahaha you got me there. I really was thinking hat they were feeding loser... Even if their sentences sounded strange to me. XD

Nishiki probably ha the shock of his life. Who knew that that pure, innocent boy had a dirty mind.

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