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4h c43 Guest
Nice chapter Dragon. Here is one question is Silver gonna try to put a mask on Yang?
5/3 c43 VoidFuzion
Nice chapter! I’d recommend looking closely at the characters that Deadrich created, their unique behavior and mannerisms were what made this fic so great. I’d also recommend a proof reader, it can really take this fic to a 11!
4/29 c19 Call to arms 1234
Salem turned in a Yandere so runnnnn
4/24 c35 Strider0327
I actually couldn't be happier that you killed off Mercury. If Cinder and her forces had gotten through all of that without any losses, I'd have been livid. Now between Mercury and Adam we've seen real consequences. Makes it feel like we're actually reading a story about intelligent Grimm, and not just a rehash of canon.

By the same token I'm so FUCKING glad that Cinder didn't capture Ruby (Silver). I'd have probably dropped the fic if she had. As it is this was all really well done. Actual personalities, actual CONSEQUENCES for characters on every side. Loving it.
4/24 c7 Strider0327
I'm enjoying this story. But please fix all your time skips.

"Seven Months Later", "Five Years Later", "Yesterday", "Present", Etc.

Either use years, or a fixed reference point (i.e. "Five years and two months after X).
I don't have any sense of time, or any idea when most of these events are occurring relevant to each other at all. It makes things difficult to follow.
4/18 c1 Manic
I’m kinda hoping rojo doesn’t end up with any of the girls on the team I’ve always hated that cliche of oc’s ending up with one of the canon characters in fanfics.
4/17 c43 Guest
Love to see that it is back, have been waiting for this for a while.
4/12 c43 Six2133
holy crap this is so good and woth the weight
4/11 c1 Guest
To joshucka333
Yeah I’m with you on that I always hated the direction the story going with the whole evil ruby being evil with non sense of right or wrong or any having a damn conscience which is why I stopped reading this story midway thru it just got so damn boring and predictable like you said and I really do hope this writer takes the story on a much better direction that’s very close to your idea.
4/11 c43 Guest
Well I sure as hell hope she finally does develop a conscience for her family to be honest I’m kinda getting tired of silver being a complete and utter monster it’s been years now and I think it’s high time we starting seeing more of the ruby rose we all know and love piece by piece I think that’s the best way for this story to progress.
4/11 c43 Guest
What does that mega Grimm even look like!?
4/11 c43 ilikereading1998may
I was actually hoping to see someone (from either rwby or jnpr) die and now this...I really don't wanna see another hybrid like silver or her somehow gaining a conscience for her family (or any human really)
4/10 c43 Guest
It seems that Silver will be getting a sibling...

At least i guess so.
4/8 c42 4Valirys Reinhald
Deadrich, I understand your decision. I have been reading this story for years, and I have loved it for years. I've been reading this through an account change (I used to be The Philosopher Anon E Moose) and I have supported you all the way. I vear you no ill will for your decision, and I sincerely thank you for all the enjoyment and wonder you have given me.

Well done my friend,
Well done.

Valirys Reinhald.
4/8 c43 Valirys Reinhald
Welp, I'm glad it's continuing. I look forward to more and I wish you well in your endeavor.
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