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for A Silent Glow

7/22/2015 c1 36Aslan's Lamb
What an interesting idea! I would love to see more of this!
6/9/2015 c1 22NursingSchoolGrad
This is dramatic. It is very gripping.
3/25/2015 c1 31Annanarra
*claps* Very dramatic, well explained, and angsty! Emotions Explosion! YEAH!
It was fantastic, Congratulations! :D
3/12/2015 c1 71Ariyah
Oh. My. Word. That was so well-written. I felt the pain, the sarcasm, and bitterness. And the description of his attempt to freeze the moon was vivid and reflective of his mood. I also loved the sensory details and MiM's "responses".
Most of all, I liked how very real it felt. There are many people out there who feel exactly like this against the One who set the moon to orbit Earth.
All in all, powerfully written and heartfully expressed!

1/26/2015 c1 33candycanelila
This is really good...
You made his emotions so perfect and stuff...
Please write more for RotG!
ttyl ;- ]
1/23/2015 c1 Guest

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