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for Brotherly Love

11/19/2015 c3 1Dragonfire78
This is an extremely interesting idea so far! I'm excited to see what you have planned next!
11/6/2015 c3 9YJV
I love this story, and I love Romano, please dont kill him off permanently, and please update soon~!
7/9/2015 c3 2Diaflower
I believe that I have good reason to hate the Chycoli (?) now. They hurt Romano!
5/5/2015 c2 2pitalybrothers
this is really interesting i can't wait til the next chapter XD
5/2/2015 c2 LadyGrayisWearingAPoisonRing
I hope to see and update on this soon it is really interesting and I hope you don't leave cancel this story it has so much potential to become somthing great.
4/13/2015 c2 2TheDeadOne28
roma :(((
3/25/2015 c2 ABC
Very interesting idea you've got here!
Nooooo not Romano! D: Excuse me while I go cry a river.
Italy is acting weird. He must have found out then.
...Now I feel even more upset.
Which means you did a good job. :,)

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