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4/22/2021 c18 28Haruka S Knight
I gotta admit, there were several times I wasn't sure they'd get their happy ending. Also, Ruby's pre-planning for the panic is absolutely perfect. Loved that whole event.
12/24/2016 c18 22Haley Earthstone
This was just as great as the White Rose one! It's going to my Favorites!
4/2/2016 c18 3EyesOfSteel
awww. i loved this! again, i used to hate AUs but more and more im finding I love them so so much. This was awesome, amazing, artistically accomplished. well done
2/22/2016 c1 9ClownWhosFeelnDown
9/19/2015 c18 Guest
It was a really good story with an au I've honestly not seen before you dun good ( this is just me being really nitpicky don't take it to heart ) there are quite a few grammar errors
9/17/2015 c18 Misslieness
Thanks for writing. Whil6w I felt that you kinda rushed along a few times, and sometimes conversations would be confusingly worded, it was non the less an entertaining read!
9/17/2015 c1 Guest
Seeing as you completed it today, now is a good time to pick it up. Chapter 1 was good ans I'll keep reading!
6/19/2015 c17 DeXM TIK
So adorable
5/18/2015 c16 Cev-Dog98
REALLY GOOD. It's arguably one of the top 10 stories I've read on this site and that a long list. Could have used a few make out scenes, but I'm not complaining.
5/18/2015 c16 2Hastranys
Good to see that while I was out of the game, you didn't dissapoint me gal! And it isn't a cold, it's more like a nasty infection around my aerial stuff, hahaha
5/15/2015 c15 ImmenseIsland33
amazing story, looking forward to chapter 16
5/3/2015 c15 baybay21
Awesome chapter! Cant wait for yang to come save blake! Can't wait for the next update!
4/29/2015 c14 2finerin
Nice twist at the end keep up the good work can't wait for the next chapter
4/29/2015 c1 86Yuri-hime
Very intriguing start! I like :D
4/20/2015 c13 dfghjkl
Just one problem: Blake is supposed to be at least a halfway decent fighter according to this very fanfic. She keeps sucking ass in every single confrontation.
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