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8/8/2015 c42 6jackieboomboom
Oh my primus. This entire story yanked out my poor heart and crushed it.
6/20/2015 c42 10Dark Scimitar
This was really well done. I loved the fight scenes in particular and you write the characters fantastically. Wheeljack dying at the end seems strangely appropriate and the last line in particular was a great way to end it. I feel like you left a few threads unfinished, like Jack and Raf's fates and a finale for Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee, on the whole you did a great job.
6/18/2015 c42 Giddy
Enjoyed it? Hell yeah! I would recommend this story very highly! Had more character death than I'm accustomed to, but it's extremely well written. Your villains are especially despicable. That allowed me to really enjoy the gory deaths. I'm glad Star Saber got to see it coming! Well done.
6/18/2015 c42 5daywalker03
Very nice ending. My thoughts on the "loose ends" will follow the chapter related comments.

Wheeljack: May you be one with the Allspark, my friend. You, of all the members of Team Prime, truly deserve it. Despite what Star Saber said at the end, you were always a good mech; you just happened to have talents that worked out best for the Wreckers, and that altered how many others viewed you.

Star Saber: The organics of the world you died on have a saying "two wrongs don't make a right"; what this means is that no matter what you may have chosen to believe, undoing what was done to Skystreaker doesn't make you any better than the one that altered her before. In fact, I dare say that he was the better mech for doing it, but you were too blinded by his actions to see him as anything but a traitor to the cause.

Skystreaker: Dearest Femme, if Wheeljack had been meant for a life of peace, he would never have taken sides in the War and become a Wrecker. Instead, he would have fled Cybertron like many of the Neutrals did to avoid becoming involved in the conflict.

Loose ends: I don't know about other readers, but I would like to see how things pan out for the Autobots that are left and what happened to Jack and Raf. I'd also like some measure of closure on the status of Miko and Ratchet, as I don't recall anything specifically stated about the whereabouts of the latter after the staged "character assassination" (and the resulting death of the President).
6/15/2015 c41 daywalker03
An interesting chapter ...

Wheeljack: Keep going, old friend; help is on the way. Just take as much advantage of the chaos as you can and deal with Skystreaker and Star Saber when you get the chance.

Jack and Raf: Now you can deal with the treachery of Colonel Carver without his interference; just hope that there are some Unit:E folks available that can vouch for you both. And Jack, you guessed the road I was talking about quite accurately.

Colonel Carver: Yep, it quite literally blew up in your face; I just didn't expect Jackson to take it quite that way when I said it. And you were wrong; Jackson didn't side with the Autobots as such. He sided with those that believe freedom is the right of all sentient beings, which both the humans that founded the US and the Autobots believe. You were planning to take that away from us, in much the same way as Silas/Cylas or Megatron would have done had the Autobots not been here.
6/11/2015 c40 Giddy
Damn, you write well. The suspense is intense! I especially love the bit at the end of this chapter with Carver witnessing Van Cleef's demise. Very satisfying. I do hope Mr. Mercenary was lying about Miko, though. I can't say I believe him, since it could be just strategic baiting of Jack.
6/11/2015 c40 daywalker03
Fun, fun, fun...

Colonel Carver: Gee, that sounds more than slightly familiar, and I suspect that Raf just realized where he's heard it before, and I think Jack is starting to have his own suspicions about you. I'll bet Silas would be proud of you for doing what he was unable to do. Too bad it's about to blow up in your face quite badly.

Captain Van Cleef: You know, there is a special place in the Pit reserved for people like you; whether or not you're telling the truth about Miko, having caused her physical injury is enough to have earned you a place there, so I hope you like it.

Raf: I know it's hard, but don't believe a word of Colonel Carver's ranting; he's as much of a lunatic as Silas was, and I suspect he learned it from the late Colonel Bishop first hand.

Jack: Deal with the new "Silas", as I'm sure you've come to the conclusion that the Taskforce is MECH reborn.
6/8/2015 c39 daywalker03

Colonel Carver: Okay, that does it; you're officially in deep scrap for killing Williamson. I don't care if you had the best of intentions with what you did using the Taskforce; it is nothing more than a front for terrorists that the members of the former Unit E have every right to eradicate on sight. Besides, you know what road they say is paved with good intentions, don't you?

Skystreaker: I don't believe you're correct; I believe by taking you away and doing whatever he did, your father gave you a choice in what to do with your life that you never had when under the watch of Star Saber. I'm sorry that you choose to believe the lies that you're being fed by that lunatic, since all he's doing is bringing the prophesy he's concerned with to pass by his treatment of you.

Bumblebee and Doubletake: Hurry; Ultra Magnus, Raf and Jack are going to need you as soon as possible to deal with the treacherous Colonel Carver. Wheeljack is alive, and more than a bit angry, which will help you when you get to him.

Jack and Raf: Ultra Magnus should be close, and 'Bee is on his way with Doubletake; hold on as long as you can, and see if you can get to a computer and get the word out another way. I'm sure Raf's contacts can get it out past any attempts by the Taskforce to stop it.
6/5/2015 c38 Giddy
Such splendid destruction! Very gratifying, as was Cyclonus's end (to me, if not to Magnus). Quoting Hamlet at Cyclonus made for an excellent burn.
6/4/2015 c38 daywalker03
All right...
Cyclonus: Sorry to say "General", your ticket has been punched and you'll have to explain your actions to Primus, if indeed that happens for Cybertronians.

Ultra Magnus: A truly compassionate Mech like you shouldn't feel good about having to end a life; it's what separates the Autobots from the Decepticons. Also, be wary of anything coming inbound while you're going after Jack and Raf; there is a nasty human fanatic on the loose that will give Star Saber a run for his money.

Doubletake: I'm sure you can find Bumblebee; just remember that there may seem to be two of him when you get there.
6/1/2015 c37 Giddy
So...Star Saber is in Skystreaker's processor? Bad stuff. Sounds like Wheeljack has been rendered pretty well useless, unless somebody intervenes. I hope he isn't submitted to the 'Cons...Do Not Want.
Can Jack and Raphael evade their pursuers? I have my fingers crossed. Meanwhile, is Miko still alive? Pweeze say yes?!
(I chuckled when I read the words, "red mist." I'm a bad human being.)
6/1/2015 c37 daywalker03
Oh scrap...

Skystreaker: Fight it; whatever Star Saber's done to you is not natural, of that I am sure.

Star Saber: Hands off the Autobot, fanatic, and hands off the Seal; it's not meant for you, no matter how much you believe otherwise.

Jack and Raf: Trouble's a coming, boys; the madman knows where you are. I just hope the General brings some friends...

Colonel Carver: Good luck; you're going to need it to survive The General.

General Williamson: Don't come alone or unarmed; you're going to need all the backup you can get to deal with the human zealot named Carver and be able to begin the restoration of order to the country.
5/28/2015 c36 Giddy
Frag you, Cyclonus! Another important character out of the equation, though still influencing plot development. I would REALLY have liked to see what happened with that relationship if it had been possible. Magnus is now officially the tragic hero. I was very impressed at how he went after Cyclonus' ship.
I also enjoyed seeing Bee pull out some judo moves in this chapter. I hope he's picked up by friendlies! Not many of those left, though. Snuffing his foe with said foe's own weapon...that was so boss.
5/28/2015 c36 daywalker03
Oh man... This one is good.

Bumblebee: Hang in there kid; you took care of the doppelganger and you should be all right as long as no idiot humans mistake you for him, which might happen if you cut off the wrong arm.

Ultra Magnus: Go get that Bas****; stop him from doing any more damage and avenge Wildstrike. The Seal is in good hands; trust Wheeljack to handle it, and any troublesome elements that come his way.
5/25/2015 c35 Giddy
Dang, a lot has happened since last I reviewed...all hell has broken loose! Great action, reads better than watching a movie. Such detail! Carver is a cold-blooded, egomaniacal monster. Star Saber is a dangerously glitched fanatic, or a dangerously fanatical glitch. You have very well-developed OCs!
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