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9/17 c2 XXX777
Ichigo's first Hollow Form IS Adjuchas Level. White, the source of his Hollow powers was an Arrancar/Vasto Lordes prototype created by Aizen. Due to that power and Ichigo's own immense Spiritual Power Ichigo was already at High Adjuchas to Low Vasto Lordes level.
6/27 c12 Spellflame
Now that is a good Idea
4/5 c1 2ChaoticallyAwkward
This is the story that got my previous obsession with Bleach reignited! I'm so glad it updated and it gave me a chance to reread it too. Just as great as I remember. :

I hope the next update is soon but honestly I'm willing to wait if needed because this story is very good and i'm very interested in what happens next!
3/15 c3 Scarease
Plus negative energy hollow generate likely has bad effect on mental state of living and likely to corrupt other souls turning them into hollows ,then as one grows it pressure harm those around it .
3/15 c2 Scarease
In terms should find peace within he like become Vizard ,ascend to soul sociaty ,or become reaper .As story has he at peace with self and has heart mean not consumed by negative emotions ,energy ,and such .
Biggest problem is him eat other hollow likely change that dealing with negative emotions ,thoughts ,sins and such like corrupt Ichigo mind .He would have constantly fight that best way counter it think of would form other spirit food he could consume or means to unlock Arroncar or Vizard hood to counter balance negative nature .
People emotions and thought are twisted Long there hear on death reason why reaper cleanse Hollows and why souls become them even if you nice guy with loving heart .Being hollow is like being cursed in constant pain ,hunger ,rage or other such things .Rukia give perfect example Inue brother he loved and cared for her it's only thanks Ichigo that regain some of his humanity to allow himself to be cleansed Becuase he knew that other wise he would be threat to Inue .
No matter how strong the care and love is soul that not properly moved on will become twisted into cursed creature of hunger and losing apart of it self .Reaon Hollows first victims often family friend and lovers .
3/15 c1 Scarease
Hollows csouls consumed by grief and other negative emotions ,thoughts and baser instincts .At best Ichigo would be more darker protector until able revert to Shimigami or vizard .but it your story so I will see where things go from hear .

Hell as hollow remains it like becomes more twisted in head look at Inue brother try to kill her .
So he likely have to be cleansed to become safe other wise he will be constantly fighting his darker nature .

I have few hollow type Ocs .
First is hollow tainted he victim of one of Aizens Hollows it infect him .He has constantly watch his emotions and when battle has set period of time before infect start try to turn him hollow .
Second is the collective a extremely Rare Grand Menos that's souls within have become united and at Harmony with each other but still have to fight hunger consume even if found form of peace within .
Third is based on professor that inspired story of and potion had taken meant as means to in absolute control of ones baser emotions and instincts .But resulted in divide between humanity morality and Savage cunning .
Third is reaper hollow zanpakuto that allow to take form of Hollow but stronger hollow more closer it to a hollow .
Fourth is child of Reaper that raped by one Aziens Hollow expirements that escaped .Resulting in Half Hollow and half Shimigami .

Last is Ocs that elder or twin brother to Ichigo that I heritage more of hollows and Quincy spiritual side being strongest well Shimigami is weakest .He has own baggage thanks to that .

Lastly pretty sure that Ichigo would like have to be careful of his desire to protect it be likely to become obsessive and possessive and protective to extreme .Do to being a Hollow being that litterly missing part of their soul or consumed by madness ,hunger ,violents and negative emotions and thoughts .So like need to be cleansed some how to retain his humanity .

It the thing that annoyed me about Arroncars some of them to human in nature .well other symbolized human nature worst Pride ,ego ,envy ,greed ,gluttony ,apathy ,violents ,Lust ,spite ,wrath and such .These creature may look human and not consumed by mindless hunger but are consumed other negative emotions and thought make them inhuman .Reason hollows need to be cleansed to rid them of darkness that plagues them .
3/11 c14 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D
3/1 c14 2LONE RANGER 97
I finally got around to caching myself up to date on this story and I have got to say I am not disappointed in the least.
2/25 c10 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 10
2/22 c14 3SakuraKoi
So good
2/22 c14 Mythic Imagination
An incredible chapter. The suspense is getting to me considering how non-Canon the plot is going. Looking forward to see what happens next.
2/17 c14 7Emrys Akayuki
Wait, I thought she was going to be executed? It was still the same as canon in the earlier chapters, is she going to super prison now instead?
2/16 c14 4CRed1988
Well...I'll be damn! I thought you were dead!

Anyway plz update ASAP!?
2/10 c13 Spazzman29
I'm assuming that this fic really is dead. A shame as there are no IchigoxSung-Sun fics out there.
6/19/2019 c13 ShannTheMann256
please update soon
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