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for In a Land of Prats and a Time of Zombies

4/10/2019 c16 11Kamiccola
Crazy good. You have become my favorite author on this site.
1/2/2019 c16 LucaLaCa
Ah, it's my second time reading this and it's still amazing. Somehow I'd managed to completely forget the ending, so like the rest of the reviewers, I believe the surprise at the end that this was a reincarnation fic was perfect executed. The story you written and the original Merlin lore intertwine perfectly, honestly. Fics can be a tad boring and sluggish at times, but this was far from it. The story has a just the right pace and the words themselves are never too few or too much (I don't even know if that makes sense). You've got a knack for one liner-y things like Arthur's 'seeing fucking dead people', which I thoroughly adored (also architectural archnemesis had me giggling for no apparent reason). Once again, I have no idea how to properly articulate my love for your writing, but I will definitely drop everything to read anything you put out in a fandom I know. Or even something original, if you've got that hiding somewhere on the internet 3
12/18/2017 c13 Guest
I was super lucky to have found this hidden gem. I wasn't even looking for Merlin FanFiction, I just happened to stumble upon this from a author's favorite list. Peeking inside of Merlin's zombie brain was a joy! Thank you for this lovely fic :).
6/14/2017 c16 LLL
I just read the whole thing and by God I loved it. Esp the ending. That it really was Merlin. Oddist but coolist completed Merlin crossover I've read. Tres tres kudos.

Thank you for writing the whole story.
8/6/2016 c1 SkylarKO
Oh my god, I fucking love this. Excuse my cursing, but this is just...perfect, I don't think I have any other words for it...okay maybe magical too, but that's it. Really, i truly enjoyed this story. The ending was 100% satisfying too and just fantastic, a lot of other stories just don't do that for me and I'm so glad that this one did.
6/14/2016 c16 mersan123
Hey SkywardShadow.
Just came back and finally read this story. I must admit, when I first looked at it I decided zombies were not for me.
Luckily, after reading some of your other 'unusual' work, I did read it and I must say I loved it.
So very unusual and not at all like the usual zombie read.
Loved the whole idea. Merlin returning from the dead - along with some others - was brilliant. It all in a very weird and bizarre way followed the canon story line of Merlin being there with Arthur at 'Albions time of greatest need'. Well it did in my mind anyway.
A very sarcastic zombie Merlin was nothing short of priceless. The Morgana presence a stroke of genius.
So so glad I didn't pass this one up.
Thank you for a very original and totally captivating read (finished it in a afternoon!)
12/31/2015 c16 Waffle
(Saliva slowly drips out of a corner of my mouth.) WHY IS THIS SO AMAZING! GAAH! I'm serious though, this story made me binge-read something for the first time in months. Great job!
12/13/2015 c16 Del
I have no words, wow, this was incredible
7/21/2015 c16 10Phantom Ice
That moment when you realize it's a reincarnation fic. Shiz.
That was honestly wonderful, I loved the way you paralleled the series throughout, and then ended with an actual tie in. I did not see the reincarnation thing coming, looking back at it, I should have, but I didn't. Great job.
Good Luck!
5/29/2015 c1 mdfang
Loved the story. Never read the book, but read the summary and I think you did great.
4/22/2015 c16 mdfang
Absolutely loved it. Have no idea about the show crossover with Merlin, but hey, zombies.
4/5/2015 c16 6AngelsofHades
This is actually one of the most amazing things I've ever read. Thank you. Thank you for writing this masterpiece. It's amazing. I love it.
3/24/2015 c16 4LoveableOkie
Literaly, I just want you to know how uterally amazing this was. It flowed so well and it kept to the story line with out being the original storyline. This was truly beautiful and a master piece. I've seriously never read anything so great. I'm pretty damn sure the reason this story doesn't have a trillion reviews is because it's the only one of its kind. Truly a piece of art. Thank you.
3/16/2015 c16 4Majin no tamashi
Omg why is it so beautiful
3/6/2015 c13 11The Owl Mage
I have just come across this and wow. I love it is brilliant. I am seriously curious about what is coming next .

Once again love this
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