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5/10 c19 Guest
This is a really good story. I hope you find time to come back to it. Keep up the good work.
5/10 c19 11stevem1
This is a great story. It is very well written.

The Malfoys back story makes sense and puts them in a bit more positive light. Harry seems truer to his canon, pre-Hogwarts character. Hermione and Narcissa as a team was interesting. Dumbledore is manipulative and does evil things for an allegedly good cause. I liked Harry and Hermione getting together (good for Remus with that honesty charm) and Harry and Draco’s interactions are well done, almost like brothers once the air is cleared.
3/29 c19 HammerSteel
please continue this story. Its honestly really satisfying to read.
2/11 c19 6Lost Daughter of Poseidon
This story is so good! I’m hoping you update it at some point lol
9/22/2020 c19 GenieM
Ugggghhhh! Nooooooo! Please finish! Thank you
8/23/2020 c19 8Pally The Second
what happens next
1/27/2020 c19 sparky40sw
thanks for the wonderful story that you have shared here.
This is the absolutely 1st plausible saving of the Malfoy family that I have seen in 18 years of reading and betaing HP fanfictions.
I do hope that at some point you will continue it.
warmest regards
1/26/2020 c19 1Sakura Snape-Malfoy
Well that sucks. I went to read the next chapter only to realize that this was the last chapter posted. Really great story. I've enjoyed reading what was posted so far. At first I didn't think that I would like it. It was much better that I thought it would be.

Although, I think that the only thing that would make this story better was if it was a crossover with Labyrinth and Jareth was the Goblin King of the bank. If he was then I think that he would be more than willing to help out Harry and the others concerning Dumbledore.

I wish that they knew about the "prophecy" then maybe they could ask if it was real or not. Have they considered asking Amelia I look forward to the next chapter being update. I hope that it will be soon.
1/9/2020 c19 Lucy Maud Montgomery
too ten of all time most definitely... absolutely amazing
11/12/2019 c19 7throughhiseyes
yes! this is amazing! I hope you come back to it. I can't wait for more. every character is freaking awesome
9/18/2019 c19 14dawnsfire
You have some really great takes on stuff, very unique. While quick in terms of time (less than a summer), I really get the feel of people changing and adapting without getting rushed. (that stuff about the Portal makes this Dumbledore one of the worst ones I've read!)

I do hope that someday you'll pick this back up.
9/15/2019 c19 pattign
Great story...creative take on the tale. Hopefully you will be inspired to continue it...
8/14/2019 c19 Guest
I liked it. Well written, creative, everybody in character and a well thought out plot.
WIP -Forever?- but worth the read. Kudos!
8/12/2019 c1 DeathLordDrak1407
Amazing! Please please please update
7/31/2019 c19 4Snarry4life
ok first of all, where is the rest of this! and second of all... PLEASE UPDATE !
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