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1/7 c21 Connie the cow
i love this story. But i always thought the mayor was gay lol sjqkdkkkfk
1/1 c9 Connie the cow
12/30/2020 c5 Connie the cow
Jack should know that worms wart tea is not a favourite food thats a beverage jack
11/2/2020 c26 20Drones-of-Innocence
Hey there, I know it's probably been ages since you've thought about this fic, but I spent the better part of the last week and a half reading this when I could fit it in and honestly I couldn't just finish this without thanking you for the wonderful time I had while engulfed in this story. I hadn't seen TNBC in years, since I was a kid, but this time around I watched it like four times throughout October just for the escapism and reprieve from all the craziness going on. There's lots to love here. I'm sure your writing has become a little different since 2016, I don't even know if you have any current fanfic projects or anything, but this story was a wonderful tale to sneak off from my responsibilities and indulge in one of the best OTPs of all time! You did such a great job characterizing them! Jack's dialogue and Sally's attitude are so on point, and I adore all the little things you did to build up this little holiday universe. The creative ways you described food and the in-depth recipes as well as all of Sally's various projects with such specificity was a fantastic touch as well. It was so adorable to see your version of what's behind that Valentine's Day door. The way you drew together all of the characters coexisting in one big world was really cool, and I found myself extremely invested in all the little plots going on around Jack and Sally. This was a great slow burn fic and I'm so glad I got to read it all the way through! I'm so grateful for you putting this out here in the world, so thank you. I hope that everything is going okay for you now and that you're staying safe and healthy. Happy holidays!
11/2/2019 c3 1Alleluia00
Hey I know this story is older but I still have some questions. First, when did Santa have time to talk to Flora about Jack? I thought Jack went to Valentine's day town the very next day? Second, why wouldn't Flora feel the aura of fear that Jack has? I'm not saying she'd be overwhelmed by it, but why didn't she, or he for that matter, acknowledge that it was there. And my final question is that if the other holiday towns already knew about each other why wouldn't they introduce themselves to Hollower town?

Well that's all out of the way. I'm liking the story so far, j just had a few questions that were nagging at me.
12/23/2018 c26 NutmasterxD
me quito el sombrero ante ti, (aplausos), estube totalmente facinada con todo desde el principio hasta el final :")
no queria que terminara :( pero todo lo bueno se tiene que terminar , realmente eres una muy buena escritora , todo con lujo de detalles todo eso me facina (desde los pensamientos hasta las escenas apasionadas y ardientes) bueno para terminar tienes nuevo seguidor y espero ver otra historia sobre jack y sally futuramente con todo tipo de detalles
estare pendiente de ti ;)
nunca nos abandones
I take my hat off to you, (applause), I was totally fascinated with everything from the beginning to the end: ")
I did not want it to end :( but everything good has to end, you really are a very good writer, everything in great detail that facinates me (from the thoughts to the passionate and burning scenes) good to finish you have a new follower and I hope see another story about jack and sally in the future with all kinds of details
I'll be watching over you ;)
never leave us
6/26/2018 c26 AnakinVader
This is so awesome and gorgerous story . Youre very talented and have great imagination. Thank you
12/13/2017 c1 1Dragonblood102703
This was ABSOLUTELY amazing! It broke my heart when Jack and Sally got into that fight though but it was worth the read!
4/20/2017 c26 tigerlily9996
I don't think words are enough to express what a marvelous piece of art this is! I adored everything, EVERYTHING! Please continue, I'm so excited. This is the first of your works I have read, but I just know your other will be beyond marvelous. (,) I'm so excited! It's simply horrible! Hehee
1/8/2017 c26 Jackxsally
Hello are you going to make more jack and Sally fanfic?!becausethis is adorable !
1/4/2017 c2 Guest
Yo yo yo this is so good
11/5/2016 c26 Guest
I literally SCREAMED when I saw the update!
It was lovely in all ways possible
11/6/2016 c26 9SergeantSarcasm7
Oh man, this fic is so awesome. I reread it for Halloween and it is just so good! I love this latest chapter too! So horrifyingly lovely!
11/4/2016 c26 Mr. Shortman92
I thought it was really sweet, and don't worry, it definitely wasn't too cheesy. But I do have to ask, as a "Hey Arnold!" fan, why were you working on THIS when you should be working on "April 2nd"? I'm just kidding... or am I? But no seriously, how is that coming along? Like, will it be updated before the end of the year? Or do I have to wait 'til April 3rd? I'm fine, either way. ;)
11/2/2016 c26 Angel Senka
Yes! I have been waiting for this and it's finally here! Beautiful ending! I fell in love with your story once more, I'm glad to know you are still here with us. I see you worked in your writing too, well done. Thank you very much for this finale and I hope to see your work again.

God bless you and take care.
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