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for The Most Chaotic Night Ever!

12/8/2019 c24 pierre
what the fuck are you doing with your life
11/29/2018 c4 Maybe Lunar
I'll be honesto, didn't think I would love this story so much..

There's something about ir that doesn't make me preoccupied that I didn't even finished the third season of the series.. I just want to continue reading..

Congratulations on this lovely story.

- Maybe, Lunar
9/12/2018 c5 17PurpleWonderPower
Hah! Caffeinated Pinkie Pie! Priceless!
1/19/2018 c1 1Tsiyi sin
I have read this fanfic to the end and i got to say it had a pretty good ending. I dont make it to the end of a lot of fanfics but i decided to go through it with this. It had a lot of good moments which kept me going but i still had problems reading through it. For one it had a lot of clutter. Chacters will constantly recap their statments over and over again. No human being or in this case sentient life form goes on and on in conversation repeating themselfs. Too read some of the chapter i had to skim through them. but overall ill give this a 7.5. At least it had some stuff to look forward to reading and i dont even ship discord and celistia
4/21/2017 c22 Guest
12/23/2016 c30 3The Deimos Anomaly
Cadence's schemes never end! At this point I'm expecting her to grab Shining Armor and say "To the secret lab!"

Still, I hunger for the finale!
12/23/2016 c30 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
A great ending to a great story. Aplauso :D :D :D

¬°Feliz Navidad!
12/23/2016 c1 5ST4RSK1MM3R
*sees this in update feed*
Hey, a story I haven't seen before
*sees Celesteccord*
*Instant favorite*
9/15/2016 c1 Guest
Perhaps a sequel to this? I'd reckon one where Celestia and Discord have that adventure of theirs. Maybe it won't be quite as much of a romance as this story was, but it's still something I would really quite like to see!
9/15/2016 c29 32Lilly The Omega Wolf
Good chapter. The best part of it was discord and celestia sitting in the tee :)
A shame they aren't together. But at lest this epic journey has been fun.
I look forward to the coming final chapter.
9/14/2016 c29 26KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun
There are so few Discord and Celestia ffs, I'm so happy I found this lovely~ I'm sad it's ending but i hope you might be gracious ebough to offer up some filets for the needy~?
9/13/2016 c29 20MorgothII
Great chapter, would love to see Celestia and Discord prank Cadence so much now :) Looking forward to the next chapter
9/11/2016 c29 4OneDayAtATime
I was extremely happy when I received the story update in my inbox, I just had to have it for breakfast! Just like your other fics, I've been reading the whole story for days, and it's worth it - it was very easy to imagine the characters doing/going through all of that as I read on without over thinking the canon universe. The writing is top notch, especially how well-thought it is, and also the pacing. It was funny, frustrating, awkward, horrifying, embarassing, sweet, and it leaves me wanting more! It's very been rewarding to finally get to the end (?), and here's looking forward to sequels!
9/11/2016 c29 34Britt30
You're amazing, you know that right? Like, I can't even believe how much time and dedication and thought you put into your FICS. This chapter was perfect. You're so good at setting a scene and describing things and prose and dialogue. Good luck at your job and thanks so much for writing awesome things!
9/11/2016 c29 25The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
Not bad for a first date. And I wonder if Celestia will also ask the advice of older couples, maybe even of Granny Smith :D :D :D

And I wonder if Angel first put this song on the phonograph: youtube co m / watch?vRJNgEZyEeh8 :D :D :D

And interesting news, my story "How The Jungle Movie Should End" is getting troll reviews! Wow, I feel like that's a rite of passage for a fanfiction author. :D :D: D I'm so moved...
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