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10/17 c8 28Kairan1979
Glad to see Harry entering the tournament is actually good for something.
10/6 c8 Exodus12345
Keep the tasks the same please. They were hard enough as it was. Also hurry up and get the arranged marriage thing out of the way so that Harry and Fleur can take things slowly. Do not arrange a marriage for them together because that also is to forced. Let them go at their own pace.
10/4 c8 1setokayba2n
As long as you don't take 5 years in make the original tasks...
9/22 c8 31Brockster550
If you wish to come up with original tasks, go for it. It’d be pretty interesting to see what you have in mind for those. Lilith’s dream will crumble beneath her feet to find out the marriage contract will be invalid. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c7 Brockster550
Typical of Ginny to react with jealousy upon seeing Fleur standing next to Harry. Lilith Moon to be under marriage contract to Harry was another person I didn’t see coming. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c6 Brockster550
Trying to seat the Beauxbatons students with the Gryffindors was another failed attempt for Dumbledork to get Harry back under control. I didn’t realize that Scar was Harry’s cover name. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c5 Brockster550
A bodyguard for Fleur going by the name ‘Scar’ is making this story more interesting. Looks like Dumbledore won’t be able to get Harry back now, but the ole coot likely has more plans since he’s desperate to get Harry back. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c4 Brockster550
Harry sprouting a pair of black wings was a twist I didn’t see coming. Gabby sure seems to enjoy Harry flying around the property. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c3 Brockster550
Dumbledore will be shocked to learn that Harry intends to stay with the Delacours now. Harry will need to get his belongings from the Burrow as soon as he heals up. I wouldn’t he surprised if Molly tries to stop him from leaving with the threat of getting Dumbledore to ‘sort it out.’ Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c2 Brockster550
Dumbledore won’t be happy about this, since he will continue to force Harry to fulfill that so-called prophecy. Fleur’s parents will he outraged to find out that Dumbledore self-appointed himself as Harry’s guardian. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
9/22 c1 Brockster550
This was a great start! I wonder what the adult Delacours are planning to do in regards to Harry’s situation. Keep up the hard work!
9/22 c8 falconcoderspam
This is great when is the next update?
9/17 c8 1MastrDragn
It would be lovely to have new tasks!
9/16 c8 9Onishin Tsukitenshi
Hopefully the detail about the paper with Harry's name being faded, indicating that it's from an old assignment, will make it to the students. That, and the marriage contract thing too. That way, Harry can have more leeway while Dumbledore gets put under more suspicion after the ICW indicent.
9/16 c8 Kishinakutskikronoslvl78killa
I think it'd be interesting! You've done an awesome job so far so keep it up!
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