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9/21/2020 c42 10AlchemyWriter
Ha, I love Hellsing! Yan is probably one of the funniest characters in it. Not sure that I'd consider him handsome, though...
4/20/2020 c90 AlchemyWriter
It's been over two years since the last update. Have you abandoned this story, or is it just on a very long hiatus?
7/31/2018 c90 Guest
Are u going to update soon?
1/31/2018 c90 8Dr.sithpony
Also maybe you should teach him magic or something just don't quit
1/31/2018 c90 Dr.sithpony
More updates please your amazing
1/20/2018 c90 Marshman101
wow its been a while since the last update and it was an interesting one snake goddess Anubis very old mummy's its the works
10/6/2016 c89 Billie
Yaaaaaaaasss! Update! Woohooo!

Brilliant and interesting, as always. I hope your personnel problems smooth out, i can't have (one of my) favourite authors disappear!
Sending my love,
9/23/2016 c89 1Ztk016
finally an update
9/22/2016 c89 Marshman101
This is cool
6/28/2016 c19 12experimentalDeity
never thought I'd type this, but thank Ra for Mephisto
6/28/2016 c10 experimentalDeity
i believe its "La Bruja", not el.
6/20/2016 c88 11GaredBattlespike

I almost feel sorry for anyone that attacks the Institute. Thomas will not let them forget their stay...If they survive Thomas, that is!
5/23/2016 c86 Marshman101
Intresting chapter
5/19/2016 c85 Rockabillie123
I'm gonna keep it quick cause its 11 and a school night.

This story is amazing! You are an incredibly talented writer with the remarkable ability to write the X men characters like they really are from the TV show. Your sense of humour is crude and inappropriate and I love it! (Also the speed of which the updates occur is wonderful)

I truly love this story and your characters and was so excited to see there was an update. Please keep it up, I don't know what I would do without Thomas and this story.

Get better soon! And stay golden

Kisses, Rockabillie123
5/6/2016 c84 22Crimsom-Wyvern
I feel like Thomas needs a bit more of character development. I mean, his emotional struggle and semi-murderous intentions have been interesting to witness so far but what I would really like to see is him getting thrown into a combat situation. Doesn't even need to be on the field or as an X-Man. I just want to see more of that agression and instinct we got a peek of when het got into a fight with Nightcrawler. It's a side of him we don't see very often and I would love to see more time devoted to that facet of his personality;
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