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for Stopping to Smell the Pool Tables

3/6/2015 c1 27The Red Fedora
Lol had me laughing from the first scene. Perfect thank you
2/10/2015 c1 12supercode
I liked this one-shot a lot! Just a few things...

1) if Trip knows the secret in this story, does Dana as well? I can imagine that if she doesn't, she would have moved on and gotten into a relationship with someone else...

2) I would certainly hope that they would have beat Chess and cleared Vince's name in five years, but I guess Peter can be very crafty, so

3) Finally, like I said this is a great one-shot, but I wish you would expand this story of the Cape and Orwell (and possibly Trip and Dana) a little more, possibly in another fic. There aren't enough Cape fanfics. I would know. I posted one.

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