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for RWBY: Year 2 (SYOC)

11/12/2017 c1 2gold crown dragon
Name:Vans crimson

Age: 18



Build:well built with developing 6packs

Hair color: black(main color) and crimson(highlights) mixed together

Hair style:unkempt short messy hair

Gender: Male

Appearance:light tan with exception for his hands that is medium tan,his eye are both crimson iris wth black pupil

Outfit:a black T shirt with a white winter jacket and his pants are a black loose jeans especially on the knee for mobility for his shoes are a pair of black traveling boots

Sleep-ware : nothing on the tops just his shorts

Distinguishing Features: he have a scar on his nape

Accessories:a necklace that double as his guitar pick

Weapon:a guitar and its case,when the guitar is inserted to the case,if the bottom is tapped once it will split open revealing the guitar in-cased with dozen of sound,tuner equipment that is capable producing sound wave so strong it can instantly crush a death stalker in 3 second and most impresif feat it only use electric dust to power it up no other dust is involved.

Weapon Name:starless(guitar) and bible black(guitar case)

Semblance:allow him manipulate song in many variations such as crushing grimm with sound wave,making dust activate with his music,creating sound blades,his semblance can be amplified if partnered with the same type of semblance,some of his favorite past time song to play and the effect
Epitaph:confused the grimm making them fight each other
Red:cause dust to explode with their respective elements
Moonchild:cause anything in the radius of his song to fall asleep
Devil's triangle:create a 3way sound blades that cleave any thin in 3 different direction

Hobbies:practicing his guitar,listing to music,drinking tea/milk,drawing,puzzle

Likes:music,graphics novel,tuning his guitar,solving Sudoku

Dislikes:tasteless music,prejudice,being judge,drugs.

Fears:his guitar broke,blood,depths,alcohol.

Goals:to spread music and peace.

Personality: a charming person,sometime wild and unpredictable,enjoy a good fight,enjoy a duet with some else.

Endurance:7(of course he was a street artist)



Intelligence:7(you need many ways to live off the streets)


accuracy:3(he use sound base weaponry)

Dust Use:5(his amp use quite the electric dust)

Semblance use: 10

backstory is coming
3/19/2016 c1 fswgfsdgffsdg
Name: Utau Keiji

Age: 18

Home: Vale

Height: 5'6

Build: Skinny but not so she is anorexic

Hair Color: Red

Hair Style: Down to her waist, but some ends have golden and white coverings near the end of them.

Gender: Woman

Appearance: Has a peach skin tone with gold eyes and a soft smile.

Outfit: A white dress that goes down to her knees and her knees are covered with black high socks. Wears combat boots and black gloves that contrast to her weapon.

Sleep-ware: Simple black night-gown resembling her dress.

Distinguishing Features: None

Accessories: A pendant that has a rainbow jewel held by white and gold string that is also surrounded by an emblem of sorts.

Weapon: A spear that can change into a javelin. It holds a dust container that changes the spears properties. The spear has a brass handle and the end is silver with a white plate on each side making it symmetrical. The dust changes the color of the plates.

Red: Gives it a red plate and makes a fire effect whenever impacts enemies.

Yellow: Gives it a yellow plate and has a paralysis effect

Green: Gives it a green plate and makes it lighter so for faster movement.

Blue: Gives it a blue plate and gives her powers over water. Her strongest and most used effect.

Black: Gives it a black plate and makes barriers

Weapon Name: Mortem Draco

Semblance: The ability to sing powerful songs with multiple effects.

Song of Water: Heals allies aura and wounds

Song of Wind: Blows away weapons

Song of Fire: Creates a fire storm

Song of Earth: Creates cracks in the ground.

Song of Ruin: Encases enemies into ice and immobilizes them.

Right now, Utau can only use the songs of water and earth easily. If she uses enough power, she can use the song of fire.

Hobbies: Practicing her singing, hand-to-hand combat, reading and writing.

Likes: Solitude, singing, being a good listener and nature.

Dislikes: Death, destruction, tight spaces and being powerless to help others.

Fears: Her inferiority complex, her death, her future and being alone.

Goals: To bring peace to the world.

Personality: Very stiff on the outside. Has a very weak heart and can't take any more emotional stress.

Endurance: 4

Agility: 9

Strength: (Depends on aura. At 100% 5 and 4 when not at 100%.

Intelligence: 8

Creativity: 10

Accuracy: 5

Dust Use: 8

Semblance use: 10

Backstory later.
1/11/2016 c1 MonsterHat79
Name: Lacey Queen (Based off: Marie Antoinette and Joan of Arc)
Height: 5"8 (in heels) 5"5 (without heels)
Build: skinny but still very strong, bust size is a little bit above average, curvy
Hair color:Blonde
Hairstyle: long and wavy hair parted to the right
Appearance: Light blue eyes, slender face, full light pink colored lips, rosy cheeks
Outfit:short light blue victorian ball gown with dlbiw length light blue lace sleeves, wear metal shoulder amor that curl in to create a collar at her neck, Cleavage!, small white floral detail on the dress and skeeves, wears a mini metal waist corset, and metak high heeled knee length boots that akways ALWAYS make a graceful clicking sound when she walks on hard surfaces
Sleepwear:white cropped tank top, small baby blue shorts, pure white stretched out tube socks
Distinguishing features: always has scabbed knuckles from punching stuff
Accessories: none (you may add some if you would like)
Weapon: light blue and silver jousting lance with a sikver fist at tip (the lance is about 5"11), transforns into dust sword, and also a rifle
Weapon Name: Nepoleon
Semblance: sonic scream
Hobbies: singing, eating, waitressing at her familys restaurant "The Queens Diner", babysitting younger twin siblings Rory (Aurora) and Nox, killing grimm
Likes: killing grimm, her white american shorthair Marie Antoinette (who she will bring to school with her), eating pancakes, Reef Gill (potential love interest)
Dislikes: grimm, liars
Fear: being alone or left out
Goals: to become an amazing leader like her Mother Ivory (leafer of team IRIS) her father Duke (leader of team DICK) and her older brother Aries (leader of team ARSN), to win the vytl festival
Personality: kind, funny, nieve, gulible, goofy, has a terrible mean streak though, family oriented
Attributes: 7
Intelligence level: Pyrrha (skill wise) Blake (intellectually)
Creative: can cime up with a plan very easily, pretty street smart
Accuracy: on Fleek!
Dust use: only in rifle (dusr bullets)
Backstory: grew up in the city of vale not that far away from vale, her father was a hunter untilhe lost his leg in a battle nkw owns "The Queens Diner" a very popular restaurant, had a fair childhood her mother Ivory wasbt around much because shes the headmistress at signal, was bred to be a huntress, trained with Pyrrha (they are childhood friends), (please add more to backstory)

I woukd love for you to add Lacey to your story I spent so much devolping this character and I eveb created an entire team for her if yoy likr to hear about rhem just message me
7/31/2015 c1 wolfy
name: jordun knive
AGE: 16
home: doesn't have one
height: 5"8
build: skinny
hair color: white
hair type: wavy
gender : male
appearance: neat/ clean
out fit : white suit with black tie and black shoes
sleep ware: white softy pants with baby blue stripes
key features : white hair and black accessories shoes, tie.
weapon/ weapons: knives, he uses a combination of knives that have different attributes, such as his flaming knives melt anything it touches, his ice dust knives freeze the area on impact.
the name for his knives are the white storm.
semblance: his semblance is used in anything, he makes copies of himself or anything he desires, he most commonly uses it to trick enemies into attacking a fake him while he rains white storm on them. anything his semblance copies experience he also experiences, he also experiences, so if an enemy shoots one of his doubles he feels the pain.
his intelligence is one of a combination of being able to make quick decisions in a fight to make a plan but also to be able to calculate trajectory and account for multiple factors.
his semblance number is 10 he uses it in every situation, he uses it to get out of class by making a double to do things for him like his home work, by all means he isn't lazy hes just not very passionate about things that disintrest him.
his personality is one of an anylytical one, he is nothing if not intelligent and cold.
2/26/2015 c1 Rediron101
Name: Red Iron

Age: 17

Home: The arena

Height: 6"3

Build: muscular

Hair color: Crimson blood red

Hair style: Messy bed head.

Gender: male

Appearance: Sky blue sharp eyes, no facial hair, middle cheek bones and a pointed nose.

Outfit: A light red T under a dark red dress shirt and equally red pants. He also wears a even darker red leather jacket that goes down to his heels and has a light red Ω on the back. He has a red tinted pair of sunglasses and an iron ring with a ruby encrusted in the middle that he keeps on his right middle finger. Plus dark red metal linked boots and a light red ranger-like hat he likes to keep on his head. That sounded really dumb.

Sleepwear: A pair of black cotton pants.

Distinguishing features: His leather jacket and his hat.

Accessories: His ring, hat and sunglasses.

Weapon: Dual blades that are twins and look like regular katana' with reb ribbon hilts that are also really cracked like erupted ground and has magma flowing through it.

Weapon name: Hells Blade

Semblance: He can control his blades without physical means.

Hobbies: He has a little secret garden he keeps up with.

Likes: Roses, rubies, the color red, sparring, friends, and the truth.

Dislikes: ***holes, liars, bullies, large bodies of water, bows and cold blooded murderers.

Fears: Drowning and watching his friends die without him being able to do anything.

Goals: To become the arena champion.

Personality: At first he will seem very intimidating with his outfit and all. But once someone gets to know him, they find out that he can be the most gentle person to be around. He can be very stubborn too. Although when he gets into a verbal fight, he loses BADLY! But in the arena, that's a different story. He is also very protective of his friends and will put his life on the line for them.

Endurance: 9

Agility: 8

Strength: 10

Intelligence: 4

Creativity: 7

Accuracy: 8

Dust use: 5

Semblance: 10

Semblance use: 6

Back story: Just put in he was raised in the arena. The rest is up to you because I can't pm.
2/5/2015 c1 1Dude429
Name:Adrian Nerezza
Age: mid twenties
Height: 6-2
Strong, but doesn't look strong, looks average, but years of toning his muscles makes him incredibly powerful.
Home: vale
Hair color: white, he dyes it, normally, it's jet black
Hair style: clean cut, very formal and classy.
Gender: male
Appearance: everything is in bright white, combat boots, dress pants, dress shirt with an overcoat, drawing of a wolf on it, as well as glasses that cover his eyes.
Outfit: it can morph into his combat armour, everything is transformed into a more. Military look, dress pants are more agile and have knee pads. Shirt has light armour covered around it. Glasses then form a helmet around him, allowing you to see his eyes while the rest of the face is covered. Boot stay the same.
Sleep ware, simple military sleep ware, white though.
Has scars all over his body, more on that later, and Cary's a cane that is white, but a wolfs head is at the top, with two clear fangs can be clearly seen.
1/29/2015 c1 Derox-1223
I might as well give it a shot.
1/29/2015 c1 WhitePhoenixLeopard
Hi there, I hope you pick my character.
Name: Alexandra Thompson
Age: 17
Home: Mistral
Height: 5'8
Build: Thin, athletic build.
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Shoulder length spiky pixie cut.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pale white skin, slim athletic build, and small sized chest.
Outfit: She wears a white tailored suit with red under shirt, maroon vest, and a thick fur coat.
Sleepwear: Her sleepwear consists of a pale night gown.
Distinguishing features: Her right eye is light green and has a pale blue (blind) left eye.
Accessories: She has a golden pocket watch that belonged to her grandfather.

Weapon: Tommy gun/sawed off shotgun/baseball bat combo
Weapon Name: Rat Stick
Semblance: Her semblance is called No Witnesses, it lets her alter what people see and hear in perimeter of 25 meters. (Example: She could kill someone in public and make it look like she didn't do anything.)

Likes: Ghede, messing with people, her family, and spaghetti.
Dislikes: People trying to take what's her's, being called a criminal, cops, liars, and cheats.
Fears: That she will disappoint her father and the rest of her family.
Goals: To change the reputation of her family.
Personality: She is intelligent, manipulative, deceitful, cunning, and willing to do whatever she has to in order to succeed. Alexandra is loyal to her family and friends.

Attributes on a 1-10 scale
Endurance: 6
Agility: 7
Strength: 4
Intelligence: 10
Creativity: 5
Accuracy: 7
Dust use: 4
Semblance: 7
Semblance use: 7

Don't worry, I'll send in her history.
1/29/2015 c1 BlackDragonWolf
Hey there, this is my OC.
Name: Ghede 'Hex' Bokor
Age: 18
Home: He lives in a swamp in Vacuo with his mother.
Height: 6'7
Build: Skelton thin with an athletic build.
Hair color: Black
Hair Style: Thin dreadlocks
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mud brown skin, golden eyes with black slit irises.
Outfit: An old worn out black undertaker tail coat with no under shirt and that he keeps open, black black dress shoes, and a black top hat with a purple ribbon wrapped around it.
Sleepwear: Worn out black pajama pants with purple laughing skulls.
Distinguishing features: Hex is a alligator faunus, with sharp teeth and a tail, and he always paints his face white to look like a skull (like an old school witch doctor). He also has three tattoos, a laughing skull with a top hat like his on the right side of his back near his shoulder, a pentagram in the middle of his chest, and the phrase 'Mwen te eseye vann nanm mwen yè swa, komik, dyab la pa ta pran yon mòde.' (I tried to sell my soul last night, funny, the devil wouldn't take a bite.) on the base of his neck.
Accessories: A skull medallion that he never takes from around his neck and a deck of tarot cards that he uses to mess with people.

Weapon: Walking stick/sword/dust manipulator combo (it has a metal skull for the handle).
Weapon Name: Dyab Kann (Devil Cane)
Semblance: His semblance is called Dark Deal, it lets him create dark illusions that people think are real, like summoning demons and someone thinks they're really being attacked by them.

Hobbies: Practicing his voodoo, talking to demons, and singing blues.
Likes: He likes to scare people and torture them with curses and voodoo and blues music.
Dislikes: People who harm a mother or her children, people that say that voodoo isn't real (nonbelievers), and Faunus haters.

Fears: Letting down his mother and his mother when she's angry.
Goals: To be the greatest voodoo master in history.
Personality: Hex is a intelligent, carefree, smooth talker who tends to trick people and mess with them. The only person that he respects is his mother and will commonly cause mischief for his friends.

Attributes on a 1-10 scale
Endurance: 9
Agility: 7
Strength: 4
Intelligence: 9
Creativity: 10
Accuracy: 4
Dust use: 7
Semblance: 6
Semblance use: 6
I'll send you his backstory.

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