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7/14/2016 c18 12Roxy-Bluff
I didn't expect this at all.
When I reviewed the previous chapter hoping you would spare Nightwing, I kinda thought that Wally was out of this killing list by default. First the show, now here... I can't handle any more of Wally's deaths.
Just let Artemis kill the Thawne bastard already. I want him suffer.
7/13/2016 c17 Roxy-Bluff
To be honest, I kinda didn't want to read this chapter because of the hint you gave me, but I just couldn't keep myself from it.
And even though this whole drama/angst/killing characters thing is not what I usually tend to read, I couldn't stop reading this chapter as well as I couldn't stop reading all the previous ones.

When I first discovered fanfiction I didn't consider it as an actual writing because the characters were already created by someone else, but when I read your story I completely forget that this is not an original thing. I love your writing style, the way you descibe every bit of emotion and outer details like landscape or inside of the room and stuff like that.
And also since English is not my first language you actually help me learn new words! Thank you!
I think you could easily write an original story with your own characters and publish it and it would be successful. Or be a screenwriter for new DC animated projects to come or comicbooks :)
Please don't kill Nightwing in the following chapters? Pretty please? :)
7/3/2016 c16 Roxy-Bluff
Jay's death makes me so sad. I hope none of the characters are gonna die in further chapters.
7/1/2016 c16 1TheDancingZebra
Fantastic as always!can not wait for the next chapter!
7/1/2016 c16 MarkInOrlando
Hey Geekdad , another awsome chapter . And don't worry we haven't given up on you or this amazing story. I hope Wally what was happening to Wally was the speedforce getting ready to give him his speed back . And even more than that , I hope that him and Artemis realize that they belong together . Looking forward to your next chapter soon I hope . Thanks
6/30/2016 c16 ed107
As always the story is worth waiting for
6/28/2016 c16 3watergirl1234
This was such an amazing chapter! I was so happy when I saw that this story was updated and the chapter was really great and I'm really excited to know what happens next in the story! I know this probably doesn't mean much coming from me, but you're really talented writer. Anyway, please update soon!
6/28/2016 c16 15Geist1321
Nonsense, I haven't given up on this. I very much enjoy it.
6/27/2016 c16 2Shadowmaster91
Could you tell us if Zane will have any important part on the story? I am getting tired of reading his name... he is an as-shole
6/8/2016 c15 Geekdad Fan
This is an amazing story , actually all of your stories are amazing and I have read them all . So please update this story soon . You are the most talented writer on fanfiction . I know the show is over but please don't give up writing your Young Justice fanfiction . You're too good a writer you stop before you're story is finished . So if nothing else please finish this one last story and we all will be grateful . Thanks
5/26/2016 c15 4Waltermis
Fucking insane! Continue please!
5/18/2016 c15 Guest
Geekdad , this is getting scary good now , and it is definitely different than the original from what I vagely remember of it . Keep it up we're with you man . And even though you have to do the actual writing , we've got your back . We're not going anywhere . And I really hope that you're right about that DC Rebirth thing . I kind of gave up on DC comics when they erased Wally . The one I grew up with . I'm starting to feel like there's nothing left for us older fans . And I will never be a fan of the new 52 . You know , I'm even starting to resent Bart Allen both in the comics and that last season of Young Justice . I just knew that it wasn't good for our Wally when he showed up in either one . Sorry but I'm still imagining The presidents of DC Comics, the Cartoon network, and Greg Weisman riding in the same Limo together . And if you saw the movie Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger . At the end the bad guys were all in the Limo together and the driver stopped on some railroad tracks got out and walked away with them locked inside . And then Arnold called and told them , " You've just been erased !" Right before the train smashed into them . Just like those that erased Wally West . Instant Karma . Sorry, can you tell I'm still holding a grudge ? LOL
5/18/2016 c14 Mark in Orlando
NO , THANK YOU ! That chapter was perfect and we'll worth the wait . And as you can see I haven't given up on you or this story either . It's amazing . I would like to ask a favor though , I just need to know that I'm not crazy I remember reading your original version of this story a long time ago . I don't know if you took it down or if it got erased somehow but I'd really like to know . Maybe you could do an A/N at the beginning of your next chapter to let us know I'd appreciate it alot thanks . And keep up the great work . Bye
4/26/2016 c15 1ForeverA90'sKid
I'm really bummed that I didn't get to review the last chapter when it came out! I thought it was going to be a while before you updated and even more in between chapters.

But anyways, I loved them both. Their atmospheres were completely different but you stayed true to the cliffhangers in both. Although, I have to admit, this one takes the cake! Poor Jay! I can't really say that he was a favorite of mine but something about killing an elderly (even a flash elderly) just rubs me the wrong way. I hope the Justice League retaliates because it was mentioned before that they don't take well to others hurting one of their own (Even if Wally was retired-in a sense). So I hope he gets what's coming to him!

But what I'm trying to piece together right now is why he attacked the Garricks first? It just seems like Wally might've been his primary choice in target but he went ahead and started with Jay. He might've even gotten to Bart if not for Jaime and Tim. Is he working off a list or does he know that Bart was filling in two roles the entire time and went for him instead? It's definitely an interesting (and unfortunate) turn-of-events. I have sooo many questions!

Starting with Wally. I remember that in WFMNLTB, Wally was devastated by his failure to save a kid's life and that caused him to lose confidence in his abilities. Having said that, it kind of surprises me that he just up and quit on his search for answers here. I considered that, yeah, he has kids and a 8-5 job so maybe there's no real point for him to go crazy over answers but then there's the strange attacks that he's been getting as of late. And I wondered...if they're as serious as they sound, then wouldn't he keep trying to get to the bottom of this? If one day he were to not wake up from one of these, then wouldn't his kids become orphans? Surely that's motivation enough, right?

Either than that though, I'm totally psyched for the next chapter! You gave us a lot to take in with these two so I'll have to reread them a couple more times before leaving you another review.
4/23/2016 c15 1TheDancingZebra
Fantastic as always, looking foreword to the next installment :)
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