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for To Where I Once Belonged

11/23/2015 c12 passionettewriter
The ending freaked me out 'cuz I imagined paranormal shiz
11/23/2015 c12 Guest
You had a son, why didn't you ler us know, now i feel like a jeark for an angry review i posted :(

Thank you for updateing i hope you finish this story someday.

Congradulations on the birth of your son i wish you and your family the best. :)
11/21/2015 c9 12Roxy-Bluff
the scene in the Mt. Justice when Artemis was walking around it brushing off the dust really made my heart ache. And I liked the reunion with Megan.
Honeslty I don't even know what I would do, how would I react to Artemis's comeback if I was one of them, but they all seem to react very in character.

The only thing I don't quite like is Dick/Barbara pairing. But that's just me :)
11/21/2015 c6 Roxy-Bluff
Wow... just wow!
This is soooo good! All of the characters stay IN character, yet you made them your own. And all the little details set the scene so well it actually makes me feel like I am one of them, like I'm actually there.
Usually I don't read stories with darker tone to them (because I am just a sappy girly girl :) but I love yours. Please don't give up on this.
11/19/2015 c12 sandaime23
You have to take life as it comes, good to see your back and I can't wait for the next chapter.
11/19/2015 c12 Guest
Glad to see you have priorities in check, unlike whoever posted that review. I love reading your stories but your children and life will always come first and that's how it should be and myself and any other reasonable human being will understand that. It's a privledge that you take time to write on fanfiction so that people such as myself can read them. I can't wait to continue reading this story, and I will read it no matter if it's updated daily or even yearly. I really appreciate authors that take the time to put detail and a lot of thought into their stories as I can clearly see you have. Looking forward to reading more.
( sorry I'm cowardly like the other user who posted as a guest too, but I hope this is ok)
11/19/2015 c12 Nightwingsass
Congrats on your son! I hope life starts being less hectic soon! I'm so glad you updaTed and I even think I missed a chapter or two. I'm going to re read the entire thing later! I hope wally tells Artemis how he really feels soon. :)
11/19/2015 c12 6DoktorApplejuce
Hey, ignore that guest reviewer. Real life takes priority over a fanfic. Take all the time you need for posting the next chapter; I've been enjoying the story the whole way through, and though I am looking forward to one, I can wait for an update.
11/19/2015 c12 15Geist1321
Welcome back to writing and congrats on child number two. But try not to worry too much, I hope I speak for most of your fans in saying that we want high quality over quick updates. This was a good chapter and I was still able to jump right into it which is a great sign. We will see you on the next update.
11/18/2015 c1 Guest
And this is how people lose interest in a story. You suck, at least finish what you started
10/13/2015 c11 Guest
Hey this story is deep and heavy . Basically it's amazing ! Please update soon your many fans who love your writing can't wait . Thanks Bye .
9/23/2015 c11 mark in orlando
I haven't given up on this story either , Geekdad your stories are the best on young justice fanfiction in my opinion . As I said before in reviews , I've read the other version of this story you had up before but I've forgotten a lot about it . But I'm really liking this rewrite and I love Wally and Artemis together so I can't wait for your next chapter . Please update soon . THANKS
8/20/2015 c11 mark in orlando
Hey thanks for the update , I'm not giving up on this story either . I still remember reading the completed version . I don't remember all of the details but I wish I had added it to the reading list on my Kindle so I would still have it . But I like this version and I'm looking forward to reading the rest . All your stories are amazing and I'm a huge spitfire fan . So I hope that Wally and Artemis end up together in this version too . Please update soon , thanks.
8/15/2015 c11 ForeverA90'sKid
I was so excited when I found out that you had updated this story! I know it's not always easy to update but this chapter was worth it. And yes, I am still reading. Even as I juggle a job, college, and somewhat of a social life, I will still be reading. I want to follow this through to the end.

Oh and not to ruin any "surprises" that you may have in store for this but...Wally totally got his powers back, didn't he? I'm calling it now. Looks like the Wall-man is back! Woot! Woot!

By the way, Nightwing and Artemis fighting side-by-side? Totally kick-ass.

There's a gradual shift in this chapter and I know it goes without saying, but the fact that Artemis is slowly being integrated back into the group or "team" is so rewarding. Don't get me wrong, it still holds a grim undercurrent and there's no erasing the past, but there's a light, almost happy tint to it now. There's hope, I realize, and that's just awesome all on its own.

That last moment between Mary and Artemis was heartwarming. I expected it to end on a bittersweet note so it came as a surprise when Mary swept away all those turbulent years filled with loss, grief, and confusion to share a brief, tender moment with her son's old flame. My guess is that Nightwing must of told Mary of Artemis's role in saving Wally. That and maybe the old fondness that she used to have her for was too much to resist. Whatever happens afterwards, well, at least we had this moment. I feel as though Wally will be the last to forgive her.

Thank you for the update and for keeping it lengthy. I have all the faith in you in that you will finish this story, so I can't wait until the next update!
8/14/2015 c11 Guest
It was awesome and so well written! Please update soon!
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