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for To Know the Future, To Say Nothing of It

11/25/2015 c11 7Ducky Devilry
I love this story...when I first saw it in the archive I was not sure about it...in fact I passed it by at least a dozen times before deciding to read it out of boredom... I can say now without a doubt that I love this story very very much!
9/6/2015 c1 1The Enchanted Stream
I think this idea is really fun and creative!

I had noticed that your story was added to a not-very-nice C2. You and your story don't deserve that at all. No one's story deserves that. I wrote a story about Frodo (my first ever fanfic. eek!) basically encouraging our fandom to be more encouraging to each other. If you're not okay with someone making a C2 to shame other people's stories, please go to my fic 'Do It For Frodo' and leave a #NoBullying #DoItForFrodo review. It's time to take a stand.

Different people like to write different things, whether it's slash, GDIME, Mary Sue, 10th walker, legomance, whatever. Creativity should be encouraged, not put down. I'm sorry this happened to you.
7/25/2015 c10 95TMI Fairy
Poor Eryniel :(
7/21/2015 c9 scarlettravencrove
Hope you continue !~
7/15/2015 c9 TMI Fairy
I missed the previous chapter. The one before it too, thinking of it.
I agree with leaving Boromir to tie. I don't think the orcs attacking the Angle are necessary, nor canonical.
7/7/2015 c8 Guest
Great chapter, but was not much excitement.
I think Aidan should follow the three hunters, and no one saves boromir. Plz write more soon
2/28/2015 c6 3Kuroki Kitsune
Oh that is cruel, leaving it at such a cliff hanger. I know he must be alive because otherwise there would be no story but I can't help but wonder what happens next.
2/28/2015 c4 Kuroki Kitsune
Thank you for your endnote. I can't speak for others but so have no idea how much it can mean to hear someone give a damn. My entire family, both sides, have been military. I was raised with the understanding that when I graduated high school I would be joining the military.

I served two tours in Afghanistan and while I saw some horrible things none of my unit was ever seriously injured. (Though one of my idiotic friends forgot what the safety was there for and managed to shoot himself in the ass when he dropped it and it misfired. Try explaining that to a medic.)

I signed up for a third tour, a short one. I was given a promotion and allowed to lead a team on a patrol. We were ambushed in an area with little cover and a damn sniper picked off half my team before stopping. Never did figure out what made him stop.

I was discharged due to injury. I found out later that one of the girls I had previously served with had killed herself after getting home. Found out her husband had packed up with his new gf and left with the kids while she had served, and she returned home only to find a different family lived there now.

It's a hard career to live with sometimes but it has its good sides too. Even if you're a desk jockey the civvies back home just can't seem to understand.

I'm law enforcement now. I got lucky. I don't know about the American service veterans but the Canadian ones seem to be able to find employers who don't mind ex-mil working for them. I was also lucky that my family supported me so much, the upside of them also being military. Though I still find it odd to be called a veteran when I'm still so damn young...
2/13/2015 c5 Guest
This is a really good story!
Thank you
Please continue :)
2/13/2015 c5 firstlegolasfanever
More please!
This chapter was really good!
2/5/2015 c4 95TMI Fairy
I hate Gandalf ...
2/5/2015 c4 firstlegolasfanever
More please and quickly!
2/5/2015 c3 6Nimrodel626
I laughed so hard at the pranks! How old are his sons?

I think that you should stress the fact that Aiden used to be a woman less, as it is plain awkward, now that he is married to one. He should probably be a man who, due to his past experiences, speaks womaneass very well.

Oh, before I forget, thanks for bolding the author's note! That made things so much easier to read.

May the Valar guide your pen,
2/2/2015 c1 Guest
2/3/2015 c2 95TMI Fairy
As suggested by Nimrodel, making some sort of break before your notes would be nice. I often see
and then the note.

Spellchecker massacred the beginning of the part about Balin. Ion?
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