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for To Contract a Wizard

7/10 c38 James Birdsong
Oh. Good luck
4/10 c15 Guest
It was good until Nevaeh, oh well, back to the drawing board of better fanfictions not run by OCs...
3/25/2019 c37 Kia
Okay, that was so wrong , cause now I want to know what happened
3/9/2019 c6 Lott
This is too cute! How do you keep up with this sweetness. It's so age appropriate that almost anyone can read it. Harry is too cute, though I think you should push Sebastian's personality harder. He acts like a soft demon. You make the other wizards act like the evil people in your story and that is really awesome and cool once you ponder about it for a great deal of time. Harry's uncle and aunt are so spot on. They should go to hell. God would probably agree if they weren't Christians. Thank God you made them go to hell.
1/3/2019 c1 8Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Your story is off to a good start. I will even ignire the illogically of a conseur like Sebastian, whom claims ravenous hunger is a good flavoring spice, eating the icky souls of tree bad tasting humans...

I am looking forward to see how it continues.
8/21/2018 c27 4JoshPlater
To the guest saying that the Author should make the story follow canon, how about no. Its called a fanfiction for a reason, and the author can change the story however he wants. If he doesnt want Harry to be friends with Ron, whos parents wanted to put him in VR, then he wont be. Simple as
8/3/2018 c32 Idea D
Maybe mention Ron and Hermione? Make them friends with Harry like they're supposed to! Explain why Minnie and Arthur agreed to put a child in a machine all his life.

Follow the cannon story of Harry Potter, but of course changes with Sebastian and Ciel being there. Example being Sebastian gets the stone with Harry at the end of the year...

Also make sure Remus gets a decent job. He won't be able to be DADA teacher now Sebastian has it.
8/3/2018 c27 Uh
Why is everyone else getting Ron Weasley's lines?
8/3/2018 c18 Hm
Enjoying the story, I can't say this for 100% certain for now because in a later chapter we might fing out, Dumbledore forced Arthur and McGonagall into agreeing with this VR thing (but then again if he did to them why not remus)

I don't think they'd agree to it non-forced, maybe Arthur could have been manipulated into thinking this muggle like tech would be the best BUT NO. Minnie would not agree to this. As I said. I'm enjoying the story and there might be a plot twist where dumbledore ended up controlling their choices then but until then I'm calling out of character on that part.
2/27/2018 c1 Yuna
I haven't watched black butler further than the first season, so it is a bit of a spoiler that Ciel is now a demon...
But I'll cope with it
Maybe you should write that in the description ...
1/4/2018 c30 7LoveZeDemonz
Now, that I’ve checked that out and blamed that mistake on my poor eyesight, watch as I go and rewrite her name in every chapter I’ve put her in :)
1/3/2018 c11 Guest
Mrs. Malfoy's given name is Narcissa not Narcissia!
1/2/2018 c30 Guest
Oh, that is weird, my name's suddenly in this.
12/12/2017 c1 1KilluaKagura
Finally their dead. I hated them
11/15/2017 c21 TheRealDirtyDan
Malfoy means "bad faith" You named her "Myra Faith Bad Faith".
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