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2/1/2015 c1 51Masked Man 2
This was absolutely remarkable. The way you portrayed the relationship between Emilia and Iago was brilliant. All of Emilia's bitterness over her loveless marriage really came through, but it was tempered beautifully by her irrepressible LONGING for Iago's affection and love, and the warmth she felt when she received said affection and love...if only briefly. Iago's impatience, condescension, and weariness in the face of Emilia's attempts at seduction were perfectly in character; actually, their entire interaction regarding the handkerchief went exactly as I'd pictured it. His treatment of her was, well vile, also perfectly in character; he treated her as a tiresome annoyance, until she presented something he wanted, at which point he'd turn on the love, as it were. I loved the way you effortlessly combined the play's dialogue with the narration, and the ending was heart-wrenchingly moving. I truly hope you write more stories like this, as it was excellent!

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