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for Five Nights At Freddy's: Another Side

7/6/2019 c3 9DarkStorm98
Haven't been as active a reader for a while but I remember reading this story a while back. It was actually still loaded up on my phone for like months coming off of a then recent update.

I may have needed to refresh myself on the plot anyway so it's all good. Keep up the good work. And glad you have enough pride in said work to want to do better.
6/19/2019 c3 4Lewsx
It's little buit sad that you started to rewrite, but! Can't wait for what you'll make this time! 3
6/12/2019 c3 Mr.Vegerott23
Good story.
6/10/2019 c1 Guest

6/7/2019 c3 Akantor101
Hello again sir. Well, having finally finished the rebooted first three chapters, I have to say that the improvement is very clear.
Without spoiling anything, its obvious that Foxy is a lot more fleshed out now. There is a bit more emotion than just the dread and darkness and this contrast is very nice to witness at this early stage. The depression is still there, but her actions when Dustin arises is a bit more understandable and makes more sense than I feel your first run went, if I recall correctly.
Your onomatopoeia usage is much more tolerable now as well. Describing the soft ~dink~ of tears on the floor is ideal, a perfect word for the situation, not a full sentence descriptor, though that is just my opinion on the topic of sound effect wordage.
I have to say, your biggest improvement, I feel, is definitely in your descriptive paragraphs, especially when describing a place, a person, or "person". Sorry I cannot describe exactly what I mean, but I can say that your diction is much more vibrant and I feel, almost like a video game remaster, that the image that you portray with your words is much brighter (as in real, not luminous) and I feel a much more interesting and powerful "theater of the mind" from reading this remaster than before, and trust me, that's saying a lot considering how "not bad" it was before.

As I said before, I'm glad that you chose to remaster this story, I feel there is a lot of improvement your can make to the already solid story you have here. I'm eager as ever to see how you improve the story and what minor/major tweaks may come, especially for the cast.
As always, have fun, enjoy your work, and Take Care!
6/6/2019 c3 Nishjin
Oh man, I remember a couple of things that bugged me when I first read this chapter. I didn't see them this time around though, so excited for the rest!
6/6/2019 c2 Nishjin
Time to begin the morale-raising process of reviewing each chapter! I'm sure that I would've been satisfied with the original chapters, since nostalgia is flowing through my veins, but the writing quality is most definitely better than I remember it. Hopefully each revision is as good as this one!
6/6/2019 c1 Nishjin
I don't know if you remember my old reviews of this story, but I'm so glad I happened to come back! Though, I do miss the iconic line... "The door closed with all the subtlety of a C4 explosion" lol
Great to see this awesome story being rewritten!
6/6/2019 c2 Kasoe24
Hey man that fan is matpats arch enemy the bane to his Batman's back you have to watch out for that thing good way to lose a finger
6/2/2019 c3 Yzermab585
I keep a tab on my phone open to this story at all times. I was scared when it failed to display the story. Then I found this. What happened? Also, if you’re reposting the story, then why not simply revise the existing chapters and then re-post them? That way you wouldn’t have to re-write the whole thing from scratch. Either way, I love the story, but I did see a few problems with one character: Mangle. First of all, the Mangle and Funtime Foxy are two wholly separate entities: the Mangle is Toy Foxy. Second, the core programming should be replaceable, and if that fails, the central processing unit can be replaced, and desirable attributes and sections of the AI’s matrix downloaded to the new system. That’s how the AIs in my storyline, the Legend of the Celestial Guard work anyway: they make a new ship but can’t make a new AI, so they take one from an older ship and install it on the new. Either way, please continue with this. Have a good day
6/2/2019 c1 17CaptainMoonshine
Though I actually really liked the previous version I will still read it!
6/1/2019 c2 xPricefieldx
Oh I get it now Foxy has autism jk but pretty good story
6/1/2019 c3 Sword of the Maelstrom
love your work! Keep it up!
5/31/2019 c3 175
I won't hide that I am a little sad about rewrite because I wanted to start reading this again from the start since it was a long Time last I was on Fan fic and I had no idea about rewrite while waiting for new chapters to come out but looking at the date of last update gives me hope that this story won't be left dead.

I have no idea how long it will take for you to write this rewrite to the point where original story was but let me tell you that I will wait and read since you're story is at my top 10 :)

Can't wait for next chapters.
5/31/2019 c3 ModelNet
very good as always, those details that you implemented are excellent, it is quite obvious that you have matured as a writer. I can not wait to see how the most important chapters will remain, like the foxy confection in the infirmary, the jealousy that foxy will have when she observes chika falling in love with her boyfriend, that hug she gave to dustin when she was about to enter the room with mangle, and the sadness that she felt for thinking that her beloved security guard would leave her for another. sniff sniff *

I wish you luck, leyenda.
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