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for Five Nights At Freddy's: Another Side

12/27/2015 c19 shadownamesto
Where do I even begin with this? I suppose I could put this in segments, so here goes.
Characters: The characters are bland and boring. it was immediately obvious that dustin would pair up with foxy, as well as potentially getting together with the other animatronics.
Plotline: The location is barren. I barely remember any of the information I was given about the location. What, are we in the second fnaf area, the first, or some strange amalgamation of both? Also, how on earth did you manage to be so predictable? I figured out the suit was going to contact the main character back when he was first introduced, not to mention that the businessman was a lying snake since let's face it, all businessmen are.
I don't really have any other points to make, however I will request one thing.
Reverse almost everything I just said, so the opposite applies.
That's right, I didn't mean any of it. It's a brilliant storyline, I love the characters, I love the way it's going. It's all brilliant! I do think the location is still a bit confusing, since I'm still unsure where we are, other than it's a fnaf building. But on a whole, it's absolutely brilliant.
Here's hoping you read the whole thing through, because I'll expect a reply as to whether you got fooled by it or not XD
And don't worry, I'm expecting the next chapter soon. It's awesome!
12/22/2015 c19 TitanWafflesaur
I am loving this story can't wait to see where it a good one!
12/21/2015 c19 doomhunter
Really like this story.

Love how you have done foxy. can't wait for more.

Keep up the good work.
12/21/2015 c19 ChapaxD2000
Heey here again
I liked a lot this chap it gave us some answers and told us about a new friend and I actually liked how you introduced Goldie hehe I knew u were going to use that name anyways just to tell u that and that we are still waiting for the next chap cant wait to see all the animatronics talking and having fun with Dustin :D
soo just keep it up Legend still loving this fic BTW and hope u introduce some new characters like Springtrap or BB or I dont know someone else hahaha
12/16/2015 c16 flowslikepixelz
*username is guest name*

Well. That interesting turn of events...
12/12/2015 c19 1killersqueenalpha
Keep it up.
12/8/2015 c19 Joshimi
Hey that was actually a real good chapter even though it was auditory.
And you've nearly broken the 100,000 word milestone, that just goes to show how good of a writer you are.
Well good luck on 100,000
Keep on keeping on
12/8/2015 c19 1A Level 100 Zoroark
Please no harem. This story is too damn good to fall into that pit trap. Pair them off with each other if you have to, but Foxy is the one who needs the love. If you just pair them all up with Dustin then it really does feel like your degrading the love in romance to nothing more than if that person is sexually attracted to someone else.

In regards to the genders of future animatronics: please, for the love of god, don't go off the rails. What I mean by this is like if you were to turn Balloon Boy into a girl, it just doesn't make sence, nor do I see it adding anything to the story other than thoughts like, 'Oh another female animatronic.' and, 'Guy's Poker Night is starting to look pretty lonely for Freddy.' Though BB is a little bastard anyway and doesn't deserve to be in a story this good.

Well that's my two cents on this, can't wait for more. :D
12/7/2015 c19 2Mortarion The Death Lord
Great job I can't wait to see what you hiding under your sleeve. Great job and good luck on the next chapter. Have a marry christmas or...hannaca or whatever you selatbrate. :)
12/6/2015 c19 9ThrashMetalMartin
12/6/2015 c19 2Xerzo LotCN
if it does reach harem status i'm ok with that that female(s) x main char is great yay i got mentioned good chapter good work your doing great
12/6/2015 c19 1Electrorequiem7
Great so far, look forward to more and as my final statement... quickly becoming one of my favorite stories
12/5/2015 c19 2Godzilla King of Monsters
You're stories are awesome, I am more than happy to support.

You gonna add mangle into the love triangle :3
12/5/2015 c19 4Franco731
Love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/5/2015 c19 snowbeard3
A harem would be interesting for this story, and I thought the chapter went well
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