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for Five Nights At Freddy's: Another Side

10/21/2015 c17 5Iamaturkey
10/19/2015 c17 2Mortarion The Death Lord
Great chapter and good luck on the next

Fun fact:If you sneeze to hard you can fracture a rib and if you try to suppres a sneeze you can rapture a blood vessel in your Head or neck and die also if you sneeze with your eyes open an eye could pop out so remember sneeze's are dangerouse. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

P.S. It is passable to lick your elbow I've done it before and It was worth it

P.P.S about 75% of the popped that read this will try to lick there elbow.

This has been randomness by that random guy typing this very sentence.
10/19/2015 c17 Zeil
Yo! Good job on this chapter. I like how you made foxy become a little dominant over Freddy. Though I wonder what you'll do in the next chapter. I can't wait to see how bonnie and Chica will treat him, and if foxy has any true feelings for Dustin. I'm sure you will make something work. See ya.
10/19/2015 c17 ChapaxD2000
Hey just read the chapter and it was pretty good just the little detail that it was a bonus and not the "real" chapter anyways it was okay and I just wanted to tell u about a guy's fic named love that melts away or something like that 'cause its perfect how he does with romance and I though of telling u this since last chapter but I forgot :P so just one more thing, I really liked the questions and answers part (because I was in it :p) and also because I got some answers that other people ask aso keep it up
10/19/2015 c17 9ThrashMetalMartin
Daamn! Foxy went Horatio Cane-y!
10/19/2015 c17 1MattyJones
FINALLY found out what happened to those two! Great chapter, can't wait for the next one.
10/18/2015 c17 Rosco Peeko Trane
THIS is what I was hoping for in regards to building up the romance.

You should take off the part where you said that this chapter wasn't important because readers (the ones who're sophisticated enough to be CALLED readers and not just people who read things like this for the sake of seeing their favorite pairing occur to sate their simple perversity) who are very interested in the romantic aspect of your story would find this particular chapter quite informatively progressive. It was very well set up from the start leading all the way up to Freddy's accusation against Foxy's incredible partiality towards Dustin. Love being an understandable concept but an entirely foreign(?) experience to her just throws all kinds of potential future interactions between the two to build upon this.

I myself am not specifically interested in this for the romance so much as I prefer to take the entirety of the fic as one big event with all of the different aspects meshed together. So long as things logically fit together then I'm generally satisfied. I suppose redundancy is one of my bigger pet-peeves.
10/18/2015 c17 snowbeard3
I feel this chapter really made foxy think about her relationship with everyone, I felt this chapter also had really good content
10/16/2015 c16 snowbeard3
Epic story, I really like it
10/14/2015 c16 2Mortarion The Death Lord
I just started reading yesterday and I have to say I was bored of fnaf stories, but you reignited the spark, so thanks for job and good luck on the next chapter.

P. fact of the day:43000 people were injured by toilets in the year 1963, how I can only guess over aggressive flushing.

As the cop on adult swim says, good bye have a beautiful time!
10/14/2015 c16 Hugotheflower13
Good history man i hope you update soon
10/12/2015 c16 Joshimi
Well, its been a wild ride and I'm honestly quite excited for the chapters ahead, I wanna thank you for writing all of this because it truly is a good read and I check everyday for an update.
This was a great chapter and I love the personalities of the girls.
Keep on keeping on
10/9/2015 c16 Wizle
This story is good :D could even say that its...golden...SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
10/9/2015 c16 Guest
I nearly cried I laughed so hard at the sexual favours thing
10/8/2015 c16 Zeil
YO! Way to go on this chapter. I have to say, I didn't really expect Dustin to forgive them that easily or the animatronics themselves being "sympathetic". But you made it work. I like how bonnie and Chica got so close to Dustin. I laughed when Chica mentioned "sexual favors" . Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter, I wonder what you'll do next, and how Freddy will react to this. See ya.
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