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for Five Nights At Freddy's: Another Side

5/25/2015 c9 2Goldenstreak1
Hello StartersoverLegends, I just wanted to quickly say that the new chapter 9 was great! before i imagined Dustin working in an office like the one in five nights at freddy's 1. With what was mentioned now though, it seems like a combination of 1 and 2, while still retaining the doors and windows, the room should not run out of power. I also just wanted to throw out maybe a possibility in future chapters if another nightguard was added, so Dustin would stay in the security room with the tablet, while the other guard would patrol the pizzaria, and Justin would communicate to him with a walkie talkie, or somthing along those lines, to warn him if an animatronic was close to him or somthing, but the other guard would have a tablet of their own to check the cameras. Just an idea, you dont have to use it, but it might make the story a bit more dynamic or allow you too fit a bit more horror on someone other than poor Dustin. (this is getting a bit wall of texty, but whatever, anyways, just wanted to tell you goos job! you really know how to mix horror and other themes to keep readers on their seats for the entire chapter,
5/24/2015 c8 4Darwin-18
Keeo it up man :D
5/24/2015 c8 10ultima-owner
that was a crazy night
5/23/2015 c7 1LividLee
The Background/ Plot was great. I can't wait to read Foxy's reaction when she has her voice fixed.
5/23/2015 c7 10ultima-owner
Did the killer give the donation?
5/22/2015 c6 ultima-owner
A new voice box would be nice
5/22/2015 c6 4Darwin-18
You put a lot of work and effort into each only do you make them long,you make em in such a creative mindset and also a hint of emotion(props for the Foxy backstory).There' s not a lot people who are commited to writing a story and not giving up half way,you definetly have tallent to be a profesional writter.I would also liked to say that you continue this amazing story,excellent storyline,perfectly described the characters to fit the plot and so much more to 't wait for the next one :D
5/21/2015 c6 Shade
This is an extremely good fanfic, I hope you continue and that every other chapter is as well described as the past 6.
5/21/2015 c6 5The Ultimate Spiderman
5/21/2015 c6 1LividLee
I love your fic. Please continue to write!
5/19/2015 c5 1DragonCrusader
I hope you continue, this is really interesting
5/12/2015 c3 3Flowslikepixelz
This FNaF story is by far the most creative one I've ever read. I can guarantee that NO ONE has thought of a story where the night guard actually exits the room and runs to escape. Loving this Fanfic, keep it up! :)
5/8/2015 c5 tiernan555
Amazing story please make another chapter...!
4/23/2015 c4 akzerg
Pls continue this story. Albeit I was a little hesitant to read this fic cause I've only played the game once and got fucked by Freddy on the first night. Yeah I know what you're thinking "who the fuck dies on the first night?" Well in my defence my friend forced me to play and I didn't see the instructions. But anyway I'm getting off topic. Don't stop writing I've seen your other fics and I love it including this one, so please don't abandon this fic.
P.S I think Dustin's last name (in my opinion) should be Hoffer .what cha think? Pm me I have an account same as this one Akzerg. Well bye
4/7/2015 c5 Guest
Wow good chapter also why does foxys voice box have to be broken it could have been glitched and its starting to get intense
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