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for Five Nights At Freddy's: Another Side

2/1/2015 c3 TheGrunt22


Lolz. Heh heh, well this is quite a surprise. A FNaF story from you surprised me as much as the Spanish Inquisition busting down my door. Complete with game number 3 being recently revealed...Oh my, what a coincidence! Scott Cawthon must be that engrossed into this series if he's churning the games out creepier and more frightening than before. Well same can be said about any successful franchise though!

Sturgeon's law, man! Nearly 90% of all fics seem to be bad in some shape or form. The only mercy to give that is to coat it in oil and light a match. There's the saying; the reason why there's no perfect story you desire out yet? Simple; you haven't made it yet!

Haven't done much leeway into FNaF fanfiction myself, as we all know how combative the fandom can get... but I'm well versed with the lore, theories, characters, and so forth. I swear Scott's like the ultimate troll in teasing such information. In fact, it's like being a writer yourself; you leave enough to theorize without giving the whole scope and the fans go nuts trying to figure out the mystery.


So we start out with the main character reminiscing of his youth at Freddy Fazbears and the story so far, with the first (before game #2), the second, the setting of the first game, and lastly, rather than the restaurant's closing the company manages to pull the profits through to survive and clean up their act. Chronologically a sequel, if I'm reading it right... if there's still power issues! Huh, message on the phone... phone guy survived?

Bonnie attack and roped in by the CEO! An offer you can't refuse! What could possibly go wrong?

Seems like Foxy got a little bit of an...upgrade! Lol. Oh good ol' internet...

Next day, bet it's fun just waiting for certain death eh? Being caught out in the hallways before it's time... Well...You're F**KED! Even after renovations, looks like mr. CEO still cut corners in even providing comfort for the people he's sending to be slaughtered.

That's a surprise; Chica camping in the office! The animatronics have gotten far more smarter and tactful. Now it's become like Alien Isolation; moving around place to place, hiding hole to hiding hole to escape from your invulnerable pursuer! Pure adrenaline in the brink of the moment.

Foxy has a heart? I suppose the animatronics definitely are far more sentient than before thanks to the upgrades, hence the independent thinking and emotions rather than a ruthless desire to horrifically butcher the next luckless sap to be in the office. That or the decaying organs inside the suits just never were replaced, lol.

Heh, I can get a good grip on what comes next. Call it a hunch!

Not much else for me to comment on lol. As ever, your ability to write is remarkably awesome and image what's going on, this time from a first person perspective. Everything's intriguing and time to see where this goes. Keep it up matey or PREPARE TO SWAB THE DECKS, LANDLUBBER! Lolz! Yeah, just messing with you, not like anyth-

1/31/2015 c3 4SuperPvPNoob
Man, when is he going to... wait... hold on... I'm being informed that Foxy is a female in this story. Ok, when is she going to man up?
1/31/2015 c3 10ultima-owner
Poor dude almost had a heart attack
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