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for I Became a Vulpix

9/23 c54 Shiki.Gilliano
Have plowed through your story the latest days, it is truly great!
Hope there is a new chapter soon, with kind regards..
9/4 c54 Guest
What an eerie chapter! And poor Topa ...
9/1 c54 5allen Vth
Is this going to lead us back to the mansion and that room with the odorless room? The mysteries are pilling up, and perhaps this project is what led Ruby to this world. And potentially lead her back.

Ruby had the safety of armed humans and evolved Pokemon, but hopefully she adds practice to her schedule so she can fight on her own.

I want to drop my two scents on this matter. Should Ruby find a way back: my answer is no. Because Agnes needs her more than her little sister in the normal Earth. Agnes didn't let anyone of her family into her room and desperately wanted Ruby has formed a connection with.
If Ruby manages to find a way back, then who takes control of the Vulpix body? The original wild Pokemon? If so, then Agnes will be devastated that her partner/friend is no longer acting the same way and possibly distant. She forsake staying with her parents because this would be the best for Ruby and her.
Not to mention that Topaz would be depressed that her new daughter abandoned her. She will be a childless Mother again.
9/1 c54 Guest
poor topa
9/1 c54 TheHyrulianHero
Daaamn. This is really good. Poor Topa. Her son must be avenged!
8/31 c53 Coby
Best story ive seen yet I hope that ruby can tell Agnes that the dream was real
8/30 c2 yochan123
Omg this poor vulprix! I hope maybe she can find a way to speak .
8/13 c54 1DemonWolf25
Thats very nice of u :)
8/13 c54 7Zeki-Kiryuu-kun628
Thanks, I joined the discord. I am Ungodly Hell.
8/4 c53 Guest
Very nice buildup! Looking forward to reading more:)
IMO, the strength of your story are the characters and the dialogue! Nicely written!
8/4 c53 Zeki-Kiryuu-kun628
I hope Ruby gets to stay with Agnes in her world and doesn't go back to her world. I would love to wake up in another world like Ruby did.
8/3 c53 Fnaffan418
What about the west wing of the manor
8/3 c53 deskado
hmm interesting events i must say.
8/2 c49 Zeki-Kiryuu-kun628
What was Agnes's strange dream?
8/2 c53 12kayixu
intense chapter, very interested to see what's next!
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