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for For the True King of Westeros

6/13 c1 iacopo.passerini
Ahio qui si vede uno dei mostri piĆ¹ potenti del mondo che emerge!
Non oso immaginare la sua potenza e ne come hanno fatto a farsi aiutare!
Di certo finisce male!
5/19 c1 kalipendragon
I'm so happy someone recced this fic on Reddit because it was amazing, even as short as it is
4/13 c1 35Vahn
I love this so much after seeing Godzilla vs kong i was looking for fics! Although i think it would have been much better if all three dragons bowed in submission to him so everyone knows who is king.
1/8 c1 Artimuos Sen
And the First Night tradition continues on North.
6/1/2020 c1 Sauron's Wrath
I've just been just listening to Akira Ifukube's masterpiece the whole time.
12/18/2019 c1 1Septimuse Solis
God damn this is epic
8/31/2019 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Downright amazing job, it shows perfectly the majesty of Legendary Godzilla and even the smaller dectails like Serizawa's lordiship. Best of luck with all of your stories.
7/3/2019 c1 3Marcus Galen Sands
Nice. A little short, and a little simple, but nice. Thanks for the fun read.
6/10/2019 c1 7feriyen
amazing, there should be a continuation
long live the king
Que viva el rey
6/4/2019 c1 samfoxy234
4/8/2019 c1 ThunderSphinx
LMAO. OMG. I laughed at that. Such a shame that you left it open-ended. I wanted to see the true ending.

Please write more. :)
8/3/2018 c1 Lovin it
When you see mythical beasts together in one place? "Let them fight".
7/10/2018 c1 Felon GT
Very amusing
3/7/2018 c1 5ThedemonlordPingu
That was probably the greatest thing I have read in a long time. Good job.
1/24/2018 c1 3trollzor69
nice, very nice love it
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