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for The Prince's Concubine

8/2 c122 8Dear author
Omg it's been 8 years I can't believe this! Somehow I wish i can print this out and add this to my shelf because it's been such a big thing for me. You, and imouto, this book and all those days where i just needed a friend, this story was there for me. Thank you so so much. Thank you! I can't thank you enough.
I wish you all the best!
7/23 c122 H-Nala
Congratulations on finishing the story! I can believe it has been 8 years!
7/22 c122 1MistleSnow
Fantastic end! Thanks for ur story, truly enjoyable read! Hoping for some brief short stories of life after perhaps? ;) You're awesome!
7/10 c122 Firnlambe
**dramatic tearsI can't believe it's finally over! so well done. easily in my top 5 Skip Beat stories.

it was truly a pleasure following along with this story. I wish you all the best in whatever endeavor you partake in next.
7/1 c122 Michiyo
Thank you very much Blushweaver for this wonderful story! Took me a looong time to finally read through the last 4 chapters (because life -.-), and always feel excited with every post you did! Thank you for giving us such a ride, and we definitely look forward to your other stories (ehem Crimson Threads please )!

Thank you Im0uto and Mr Blushweaver for helping Blushweaver with this story! You're both instrumental in making this possible and as beautiful as it is! We Appreciate you both!
6/30 c122 4gleamqueen
Thank you so much for this journey. It's been a long few years and I'm grateful to have been able to see this to the end. 3
5/31 c122 1Rosesaresweet
When I saw this was updated I was so happy. Thank you for the magic you have created in this story. The exploration of human nature is enciteful and enchanting.
5/26 c122 20Daikon
THIS WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EPIC. I love how you wrapped everything up in the end with a bittersweet bow. Following along with this for the last couple of years has been a delight, and I’m so proud of you for finishing this!

I’m primarily on Ao3 these days so I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be crossposting this there. Hope you and yours are well and again CONGRATULATIONS on finishing! This was such an achievement and I enjoyed it so much
5/24 c122 Guest
Similar to many others, I’ve been reading this for years!

Thank you for the incredible story and the wild journey, as long as other fanfics and wattpad things are getting picked up for tv or movies I could see this one going that route too :)

11/10, if you still haven’t read this somehow you’re in for a treat!
5/23 c122 Guest
Oh my god! This was an awesome story! I’ve been with you since day one and was hoping to actually get an ending and for the story to not be left. It’s sad and wonderful at the same time that the story is done! Will go reread it again on the crossover site! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! This is the best fanfic I’ve read and is so wholesome! I’m so glad I continued to read it throughout these 8 years! Hope one day you write another amazing piece!
Thanks again and best of luck!

Kris XD
5/21 c122 2ThisNThat81
*sniffles* It feels like the end of an era.
A beautiful one, but you know the old saying. "Parting is such sweet sorrow. that I shall say goodnight til it be morrow"

or thanks for the memories until the re-read begins again...

thank you for a wonderful journey and looking forward to your next epic adventure.
5/16 c121 Goodtome
I’m sad it’s over but it was one heck of a ride loved from the roota to the tooda as we all say lol I’m going to miss this story
5/16 c122 Goodtome
OMG forever in love with this story this journey was amazing and I hadn’t realized that it’s been 8 years in the telling of a great story I’ve been so captivated by it and you’ve no you all soared to the highest elevations imaginable I almost stopped reading when so many of my favorite heroes died I’m boohooing and snotting the entire time it was almost to much for me but then I said she’s going to give me the happiness I need lol and you did hands down the best ever I just want to thank you because I’d be down at times and see that you’d posted and then it was right with the world this will be an all time great thank you
5/13 c122 team-ispire-weirdoll
absolutely precious monsters of the fic yes it's long yes over 1800 pages go fucking read it u won't regret it! serously one best fuc/book I ever read!
5/13 c122 sandrinhaap
I can’t believe it is over! I’m sad and happy at the same time! But mostly I’m grateful for the wonderful story and for you never giving up on it!
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