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8/20/2020 c109 palmtreehead
Hideously sad but I really adore the way you write Kanae, her reaction is awesome and shows why she is Kyoko’s real hero. Twig and Shin were once again incredible too, I can’t believe how attached I am to your OCs. Sho, Lory, Murasame and Momose were also fantastic. Thanks for sharing your writing gift!
8/19/2020 c109 Thisgirlreadswords
8/19/2020 c109 Blue fire
No despair just disbelief that she’s really gone. Love the fight between Kanae and Kuon. Fighting is Joe they shire they cared. Happy writing
8/19/2020 c109 11Aikori Ichijouji
Just gonna console my battered heart with the promise of ShinxKanae... because this was a WHOLE lot.
8/19/2020 c109 7quite-a-riot
God, every new chapter of this story pulls me back in and reminds me how freaking addicting it is! I know you'll bring Kyoko back somehow, but I can't figure out how! Which has me PUMPED! It has been FOREVER since I've had a story that I can't predict an ending for! Thank you for that and all the other glorious things about this story!
8/19/2020 c109 H-Nala
Really anticipating whatever twist is ahead with bated breath. Also Crimson Threads update.
8/18/2020 c109 Guest
This whole chapter I cried.
8/18/2020 c109 11Guineapigs1
Ahhh what’s going to happen now that Kyoko’s gone and Kuon is about to die too? I’m glad that Kuon is back now, but I wish it were under different circumstances. Kanae, Kuon, and Itsumi finding out in one chapter was heartbreaking. I really want to know what you have planned, because I’m pretty sure you’re not going to permanently kill off both main characters (At least I hope not!), but I wonder how you’re going to proceed from here...
8/18/2020 c109 92ktoll9
Although it is sad, this is a phenomenal story. Please continue to be your outstanding self! ;) Thank you for entertaining us. xoxo
8/18/2020 c109 2brennakai
that is our beloved Mouko-san
also that idiot with tube truthgive him what for!

there ShinKana finish this chapter... that was ulta fluffy for her... that moment of seeing past his wall... i chose to focus on that as fluffy so I can get through the toughness of the restwant to see how the kick that accursed Setsuka's hinny to kingdom come
8/18/2020 c109 alur blaze
So is it a beautiful tragic story where both lovers die and leave a story of legends behind? My heart is broken...

However, I love how well-developed every character is, and it is great to see Kanae and Shin taking action.
8/18/2020 c109 Cat
My face. It’s covered in tears. There’s no way they’re both dead. Can’t wait for the next update! I’ll keep crying till then.
8/18/2020 c109 Ringget
So now we lose both cain and kyoko..!? T_T
8/17/2020 c109 Roquedanica
Gosh i cried all the way through while reading this chapter. I have background music while reading so i feel it more when i read it. Im so sad but i know this is just part of the story and i know it will get better. And i am willing to wait and commit myself to your story.

I cried so hard when kanae said “you think your the only one that cared?! The only one that loved her?”
Man i felt her there. Alsoo i feel so sorryfor kuon. I cant imagine how much pain and sorrow he’s feeling right now. And its breaking my heart.

But again dont be bother and concern about us Mrs. Blushweaver, this just proves how effective and good your story is. It sway us and take us in a lot of emotional level. You are absolutely talented and wonderful person and so is Imouto.

Kyaa cant wait for next update. Im sure their situation will start toget better. And also i read and i am updated in crimson threas. Yehey i want you to know that anything you write or whichever you update i will always be here tosupport. Also praying for you and your family’s safety in this pandemic. Godbless
8/17/2020 c109 paulagato
He llorado tanto leyendo... me encanto
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