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7/26/2020 c25 4gleamqueen
rereading this for the 5th time and I just realized you've also read akatsuki no yona! i would love to see some fanfiction from that haha, it's my favorite manga, just above skip beat (my 2nd favorite manga)
7/24/2020 c58 Roquedanica
Kyaaaa! I love shin so much! Really i don’t know how you can come up with these good words that i can never forget. “Emotions are part of us, they are what drive us, what makes us Humangosssh Mrs. Blushweaver you know all the perfect thing for which character to say! Thankyou once again for everything
7/23/2020 c58 Roquedanica
I have been re-reading while waiting for the next chapter. And I can’t help but still feel excited, fear, and anxious in every chapter i’ve been re reading even if i know already whats going to happen. I still feel like i look forward to the next thing that will happen even if i know it. Goshhh cant tell you Mrs. Blushweaver how extremely happy and grateful i am that you write this amazing fanfic! Your a blessing from above and you brought joy to my lifekeep safe. And godbless to you and your family.
7/23/2020 c108 1LittleMargarita
Poor Itsumi. My heart breaks for her. To see her beloved's body all broken and in such a state. Hikaru didn't deserve that end...

and Kyoko, our light dearest. Kyoko you have to come back! or else Kuon is going to kill everything, including himself.
Kanae is going to raise hell when she finds out Kyoko is dead...

I really liked Kanae's reunion with Shin. Seems like Twig has officially adopted Kanae. It got jealous of Shin! lol that was hilarious

I can't wait for the next chapter...

and may your home be blessed with health in these crazy times...
7/22/2020 c107 LittleMargarita
* wailing inconsolably
7/22/2020 c106 LittleMargarita
Im silently crying for everyone in this chapter! all the calamities came crashing down at once...almost like 2020! lol

but holy light! I am so worried over Kanae, Hiroaki and Twig. And please let Twig live! I really want to see Kyoko meeting Twig. I can almost see the sparkles coming from her eyes since she belives in fairies and woodland creatures, this would just reassert her belief!

I was not expecting Setsuko to be a fake. Now I feel guilty for hating her because it wasn't the real one. Author why you play with my emotions?! lol
That was an interesting twist for sure!
Im looking forward to the Accursed fight...even if it causes me anxiety...lol
7/21/2020 c105 LittleMargarita
Im sad that the tree is dead...but Im glad Hiroaki, Kanae and Twig survived. I don't know how Kanae isn't passing out already with all her injuries! she's so freaking awesome! bur you had my heart almost beating itself out of my chest with their escape! you really have a way with words!

Im glad Hikaru found Kyoko. Im glad Sho and Kyoko settled some of their differences. It's nice to see that the King of the idiots has grown up a bit.
7/21/2020 c104 LittleMargarita
Wow Kanae is the queen of badasses. holy cow! that was so excrutiatingly exciting! But I love how she is so level headed and calculating...I think I have a crush! jk

please don't kill Twig! I love him/her...Twig is such a fresh of breath air and I would love for Kyoko to meet him/her

Wow I am mildly impressed at Sho's quick rescue in spite of him showing up in his full idiotic glory, he managed to rescue Kyoko

Ive never felt so proud of Itsumi! she is definitely the Duchess she was meant to be
7/21/2020 c108 Lalala123
I can't wait for the next chapter! Okok i'know it'll worth the wait, so I think I'll be rereading this for a third time meanwhile
7/21/2020 c103 LittleMargarita
nooooo! Kanae! im so scared for her! Hirotaka is terrifying!

and I have to remind myself to breathe, my poor Kyoko is being kidnapped by those filthy Accursed! Come on Rosa, do something!

Everything is happening at the same time. i think the author enjoys giving us heart attacks...
7/21/2020 c102 LittleMargarita
this whole chapter had my heart beating out of my chest non stop...I cant believe Setsuko made a move so fast! and Im so afraid for Hiroaki...
7/20/2020 c101 LittleMargarita
AAAAHHHHHH! WOW! they got married, yaaaay! that was just perfect for these two!

I really loved Murasame's reaction. he he he

oh my heck! the longer Kanae is there, the more I panic for her...and I cannot believe that traitor! how could she?! Let me guess, is Setsuko's desire to be queen and marry Kuon? ugh I can't believe her betrayal! that definitely caught me by surprise...
7/20/2020 c100 LittleMargarita
What a somber moment with Kanae and the prisoners underground...made me shiver for a second!

KYAAAAA! *Happy shriek* He asked her to marry her! Omg omg omg if only they were this close in the manga lol Im sooo happy!
7/20/2020 c99 LittleMargarita
oh my heck! poor Kyoko! I hope she is all right, but Im so glad Murasame is going to be saved!

The part with Kanae and Twig was hilarious. I really needed a laugh! that was perfect! I really hope they both figure out a way to save Hiroaki. You better not kill Twig!

And holy heck! poor Hiroaki. Lord Vaith sounds terrifying...I hope he toughens up a little so he can find something to help Cain and the others with defeating the bad guys...
7/20/2020 c98 LittleMargarita
I am sooo intrigued with the Dryad! it seems like our heroes may have a new ally...but Im so scared for Kanae to face Hirotaka! he's so scary! I feel for Hiroaki too. what a tough position to be in!

and my goodness! I really hope Kyoko saves Murasame. He is annoying but he grows on you, and Id hate to see him die. We already lost Chiori. I never got over that!
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