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for The Prince's Concubine

7/20/2020 c99 1LittleMargarita
oh my heck! poor Kyoko! I hope she is all right, but Im so glad Murasame is going to be saved!

The part with Kanae and Twig was hilarious. I really needed a laugh! that was perfect! I really hope they both figure out a way to save Hiroaki. You better not kill Twig!

And holy heck! poor Hiroaki. Lord Vaith sounds terrifying...I hope he toughens up a little so he can find something to help Cain and the others with defeating the bad guys...
7/20/2020 c98 LittleMargarita
I am sooo intrigued with the Dryad! it seems like our heroes may have a new ally...but Im so scared for Kanae to face Hirotaka! he's so scary! I feel for Hiroaki too. what a tough position to be in!

and my goodness! I really hope Kyoko saves Murasame. He is annoying but he grows on you, and Id hate to see him die. We already lost Chiori. I never got over that!
7/20/2020 c97 LittleMargarita
wow how selfish! all the suffering her scheming caused just to bet the cure for herself...stupid Kimiko! good riddance!

Im so worried over Kanae! I hope she finds Hiroaki and they all get back safe... and please don't kill Murasame!
7/20/2020 c96 LittleMargarita
Sho really deserves a kick in the face! i can't wait to see his karma moment for all the grief he has caused Kyoko!

and just when I was having a sliver of hope that maybe they'd find the cure for the rot, this accident happens! poor Hiroaki! T.T
7/19/2020 c108 11Aikori Ichijouji
Did I giggle like an absolute child and yell "YESSS! SHIIIN!"

... you bet I did.

7/18/2020 c108 Guest
Tear drops still fall with every breath taken there's no end to pain that has so graciously grabbed my heart no words spoken no words heard only the tears streaming down my face can I acknowledge my pain has wrapped me and my joy has been taken falling with every step with every measure taken I cannot stand falling. You've taken them I'm so sad I truly don't know if I'm going to be able to make it thru this what's going to happen to the light of the Phoenix that was in her is it going to Revival will it live what's happening and the instruction she gave her to stand by him and always support them he's going to go insane what's going to keep him I'm tearing up everything she was his anchor teardrops just keep falling
7/17/2020 c108 Thisgirlreadswords
Thanks for the chapter! Hope you guys stay well too!
7/17/2020 c107 Thisgirlreadswords
This is too sadI almost cried
7/15/2020 c108 2kikoune
aaaah a love reunion! and since when are they crying?! :O nice chapter blushie ! sending love to you and your family !
7/14/2020 c91 1LittleMargarita
Kyoko figured out that the rot is poison and Kanae is an assassin who Im sure had to train with building immunity to poisons and so it would make sense for her to not be affected by the fumes, so Kyoko's guess about the poison is right.
7/14/2020 c108 1okaysunshine
I’m not crying YOURE CRYING
Bring Kyoko baaaaaaaaack
Stop playing w my heart
7/14/2020 c108 Lalala123
Isumi has grown so much! Although she is not very important in cannon I really like her. And OMG finally Shin! What took you so loooong?
7/14/2020 c108 11Guineapigs1
Yay for Shin and Kanae’s reunion, but the rest of the chapter was sad :(. I’m dreading when Cain finds out about Kyoko because that might just make me cry.
7/14/2020 c108 20Daikon
Yaaaaaaay Shin is back! Honestly not the reunion I’d been expecting, but I’ll take it.

I’m not going to lie, I’m anxious about how Cain will react once he sees Kyoko, though his being able to track her light still has me optimistic that she’s not really dead!
7/14/2020 c108 H-Nala
Sadness but Cain can feel her presence!
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