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7/14/2020 c108 palmtreehead
Wow when Twig protested being passed to Hiroaki I was thinking how awesomely jealous he’ll act when he meets Shin and then I got to see their first interaction! Thanks for another chapter of amazing storytelling, this is truly an epic saga with wonderful character development.
7/13/2020 c108 Roquedanica
Omg i am so happy for early update. Thankyou for taking the time to write even you are busy with your son, I’m sure he will be a bright and strong kid when he grow up. Sendingblove to your family and to your Imouto. You are such a loving parent and sibling. I admire your writing skills and your personality. Such a kind and loving soul .

For this chapter i am happy kanae and shin habe met again and there couldn’t be anymore perfect way for them to meet than this. Shin catches her and kanae KISS HIM, somehow i feel like Yoshiro right now fan girling(You really know how to make a rollercoaster emotion from your readers )

Im still heart broken for Hikaru’s Death. I dont know how to fix my heart, also just thinking how itsumi would react will probably not help me.

For kyoko i can only hope for he to be revived but even if that happens it will not take away the pain of already thinking she suffer and died and even when she wakes up when she see Hikaru’s dead body it hurts me and its heart breaking for me to think how she will feel.

As for Cain, even knowing deep in my heart kyoko will be revive stll doesn’t take away the fact that all the people that love her including me and especially kanae and most definitely cain reaction will definitely finish amd kill my heart. Just seeing them crying and being in pain seeing how they were unable to keep kyoko safe just thinking about it now i am crying literally. it also doesn’t help the fact that theyare now husband and wife, kyoko is our everything seing her heart breaking for her friends death is one thing but actually seing her dead is another thing. My heart can’t tale it anymore, too many emotion I am so Sad i think i will cry myself to sleep it also didn’t help that i play fairy tail music background while reading this chapter (when lisana died the music theme that time is perfect for this chapter it will definitely make you feel the loss and be sad and cry. )
Reading this can’t be good for my heart but this is definitely worth the risk. I could write so much here just to show jow much I appreciate this chapter but i dont wanna bore Imouto and Ms. Blushweaver so I’ll stop now but once again thankyou very much for you too. I will be every day grateful to you guys just for being who you are. Because you guys never disappoint. I ilove how consistent and how you both appreciate the people who are giving reviews so iknow this is long but i dont mind coz i know u appreciate this and this is the least i vould do, show my appreciation and gratitude. Iloveyou bothalways be safe and may god bless you more
7/13/2020 c90 1LittleMargarita
I hope Kimiko and Koga have a horrible painful end...
7/13/2020 c108 Blue fire
Yes but also noooo! Kanae is going be a major beach when she wakes but she could just take a lead from Kyoko to ignore ignore ignore...I mean war death Really changes your perspective but I’m so glad that sun gets a KISS from her... fist pump... please be safe and happy writing
7/9/2020 c104 Thisgirlreadswords
Thanks for the tip!
7/5/2020 c107 Firnlambe
"woops, I did a thing" my ass. I didnt want, or ask for, tears Missy! maaaaan and I was really hoping things wouldn't turn out the way that they did. ㅠ.ㅠ not once, in the 5 years since thus story started, have you disappointed me. great job. as always.
7/1/2020 c107 7quite-a-riot
STOP KILLING PEOPLE! Gah, my poor heart! Seriously, we need some time traveling badassery ASAP!
6/28/2020 c107 11Aikori Ichijouji
Yep, definitely had a feeling this was where it was all heading. Now I'm just waiting to see if I've guessed correctly about what happens next. Thanks, as always.
6/28/2020 c107 Lalala123
I'm crying so hard T_T I really appreciate how well written Hikaru is! I love this story!
6/27/2020 c107 5Tabbykatroses
Noooooo, Hikaru, my heart, my kokoro is broken, keep fighting y’all, do it for Hikaru, we have to win for him
6/27/2020 c107 Guest
I'm in tears no say it's not so how could you oh I just can't take it
6/26/2020 c107 Geekytechno
This chapter was so intense! I almost felt like I was watching it all unfold. Hoping for at least Kyoko to survive...
6/26/2020 c107 2brennakai
curses i am crying buckets
tough can write since truly epic heat wrenching moments.
with thae sense of all the action going in around them but emotional intensity focusing all attention to a heartbeat if a moment.

it was nice having hio there...
6/26/2020 c107 Blue fire
Noooooo! They can’t be dead. How dare... but she was getting better. Poor Itsumi:( darn Setsuko. Kinda hate her completely now . The Phoenix... is she dead too? Kinda have to know now. Please update soon and happy writing.
6/26/2020 c107 iamKnetti
Damn it! If the chapter hadn’t killed me, your author’s comment did. You can’t write a chapter like that and say “Woops, I did a thing.” T_T
Damn you and your cliffhangers!
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