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for The Prince's Concubine

2/28/2015 c5 riviere-de-memoires
Hi, your story is wonderful! I'm really enjoying the plot. However, I would recommend having someone do a quick edit. I see a lot of misused words.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
2/28/2015 c5 meehansamantha
I just started reading your story and I think it is Fan-Fucking-tastic. The plot is excellent and the characters are even better. Also, I really like Kuons point of view in the story and how you have displayed kyokos personality. I hope you stay in good health and have a happy life.
2/28/2015 c5 Elezan
Hey this was a fun chapter! I am loving your adjusting scenes and adding them. Some were definetely some of my Fav scenes! And I loved it! Thanks for taking the time to write this and honestly this one of the better fanfic I have read! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/28/2015 c5 Guest
another great chapter! i especially loved 'Kyoko's' flare-up after the entertainment demonstration. i was like "Heck, yeah! IN YOUR FACE! Mwahaha!" Not a very mature reaction, but i was tickled by the contrast. he got to see her being cheerful and fun, so he can't say that it's just her personality to go around slapping people in a rage-it increases the impact of that scene. Nicely done. i'm looking forward to the next chapter!
2/28/2015 c5 Guest
Great job! Can't wait for the next one... :)
2/28/2015 c5 Beauty's Black7
Great job every time I read a new chapter I'm hoping it just keeps going because it's just so intriguing you don't want what your reading to end n no you write plenty it's just me not wanting it to end so beautiful job n when you've done something wrong you usually find on your own so I'll just continue to do what I do witch is to encourage n rave love it post asap n on that traffic job on that as well
2/28/2015 c5 anon
This story is so amazing! I love how you are portraying both Kuon's mood swings and Kyoko's reaction to him! I also very much like how Kuon seems to be seeking Kyoko's attention and approval without even realizing it himself. Your understanding and portrayal of the characters is absolutely lovely to read! As you have said the harem would be explained further on and your writing skills have been inspiring thus far, I will trust you in your plans for the story and wait patiently. Thank you so much for updating and sharing your work with us! I can't wait to read more! Cheers! :D
2/28/2015 c5 lLexa
Well, I'm going to leave a comment (die of happines!).
Sorry if my english is not good, you can correct me if you want: I reaaaaaaally love your fic, sometimes I need a dictionary because I don't speak english xd, but is pretty interesting, and I, like everyone, don't like at all the harem, but as you say, maybe we are going yo readjust our opinion c:.
You read Akagami no Shirayukihime? Me too!.
Thanks for read this message and I hope you understand me xd.
I'm looking forward for the next chapter!.
2/28/2015 c5 misao97
Hahaha I was wondering about the similarities to akagami no shirayukihime too! By any chance did you also read sabaku no harem? Btw I noticed this in the other chapters too, but Lory's last name is Takarada not takadora. Other than that I still thoroughly enjoy this! Update soon!
2/28/2015 c5 Guest
NICELY done! Every time I read a new chapter I just love the story more and more! KYAAAAA! Looking forward to a new chapter! Pleaaaassseee post ASAP!

and no, you described gangarene very well. I just wanted to double check if I knew what it was like XD
2/28/2015 c5 wendy1903
J ai hate de lure la suite j espere que la muse a jour sera faite rapidement bravo i m love your story kisss
2/27/2015 c4 laexdream
Wow, that was awesome And I love how Ushio is the one to give her her first opportunity - again. xD I do really like him. *sighs*
2/25/2015 c4 cleocat333
Lol! This is Great! This Kuon is such a sexy ornery Demanding prince - who obv has another side to develop. & "Performing" for Him?! Omg!
You have so captured my imagination! Lemme guess... soon word will leak about Kuon's new young concubine - sweet, highly intelligent, unruly & adorable - and she wants to be a physician.
A Harem girl wants to play Doctor?!
Pick me! Suddenly every man in the kingdom has an ailment. Kuon is livid & Lory laughs.
The Prince will have his hands full. Or will Want his hands full but little Kyoko runs fast.
I can NOT wait til the next chap! Please don't make me!
2/25/2015 c4 Guest
Love this fanfic so much! With each chapter you write, I just love it more! I can't wait for your next update! I hope that you update at least 2 chapters a week, but it is still worth the wait because each chapter is very well written and makes me more curious about what will happen next! Can't wait to see how Kyoko will do with showing Kuon the "fruits of her labor"! XD
2/24/2015 c4 1rebelliousOracle
This is super interesting. There is so few SB aus and this one is very well done. Do i spot elements of Akagami no Shirayukihime?
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