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1/10/2020 c99 palmtreehead
Wow, congratulations on your baby’s safe arrival and well done writing such a great chapter. I have three children aged 2, 4, 6 and I have trouble getting time to read, forget about writing such an involved story! Thanks for sharing
1/9/2020 c99 H-Nala
Congrats on BB. yay story progress and possible solution.
1/9/2020 c99 Thisgirlreadswords
Congrats for Baby Blushweaver! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
1/9/2020 c98 Thisgirlreadswords
1/9/2020 c99 Guest
I think it's amazing how far everything has gone since the beginning of the story to now. I started reading this when I was a freshman in high school and even though I don't read Skip Beat fanfiction anymore, this (and the original manga) is the one story I will stick with until the end.

It's been 4 years since I started and it's been such a joy reading not only the story but your author notes as well. To see you progress in life through just a snippet made everything about The Prince's Concubine so much more enjoyable. I mean, congratulations on your beautiful baby! I remember when you graduated!

I started reading this story for the third time and it never gets old for me. I can't tell you how many people I told about The Prince's Concubine to get them to read what I'm so gratefully enjoying. With all these fanfictions becoming movies this is one I'd love to see on the big screen. Say hi to Imouto for me. She's yet another refreshing kick to the story that makes it all the better. - Mud Mask Facial
1/9/2020 c99 Guest
Congratulations he sounds so adorable a real snuggle bunny and I know Auntie is excited oh spoil em rotten happy holidays to you guys missed you great job as always love your work I hope you'll be able to snatch some more hours soon well it'll be awhile but find it where you can I remember those days my baby's older now talkin and Walking, eating solids but still has you up at night but I wouldn't trade it for the world
1/9/2020 c99 JazminSS
Amazing, loved the new magical creature you created. And I'm super happy to see Kyoko kicking ass again, I really want her to get better, maybe her solution for the rot can apply to her problem. I hope that's the case. Will wait patiently for the next chapter.

Enjoy being a mother to the fullest.
Happy to hear you and the baby are healthy.

PS. Happy 2020
1/9/2020 c99 Hairy Friend
Congratulations! May you both be healthy and happy!
It was a wonderful chapter, full of important details and finally some hope. Can't wait for the next one. Good luck with time and inspiration, and all the best!
12/26/2019 c98 lMissMysteriousl
I’m so excited to see where this is going!
12/20/2019 c98 Firnlambe
bah ... I caught up only for it to be a cliffy lol great job! I can't wait to see how things pan out
12/17/2019 c93 Firnlambe
I'm so far behiiiiiind! Great writing, as always, can't wait to catch up on all that I've missed lol
12/11/2019 c97 1Purple Pearls Turned Black
For me, this has been the biggest cliffhanger in this story since many chapters ago - and it's killing me!

I don't feel like this story is close to finishing. There's so much that needs to work out and to be revealed, I feel like it'll be another 50 chapters before it's done. We still need to see:
- The truth about Kyoko's true heritage and identity
- How Kyoko lost her light magic
- How Kyoko will regain her light magic
- What will happen once she does? (Seems important)
- Saving Hiroaki
- Saving the fig tree
- Saving the people poisoned with the rot
- Kyoko saving herself from the curse
- Everyone's reaction when they find out Cain is Kuon
- Hiroaki surpassing his dad
- Kyoko reuniting with Shadow (I really liked their relationship)
- Kanae reuniting with Shin
- Kuon overcoming his past
- Kuon removing the contract with the Dark Djin
- Resurrecting Rosa
- Kuon creating a contract with Rosa
- Removing the seeds if it's possible
- Kuon defeating the Dark Djin
- Defeating the accursed and their relics
- Kyoko overcoming her past with Sho
- Kyoko receiving recognition for her discovery
- Sho being shunned for stealing said discovery (though, I don't think this will happen in this story, for character development purposes)
- Kuon becoming King and Kyoko a Queen (I really hope we get to see this)

There's a hundred more other things, but I need to sleep.
Thank you for these chapters! And I wish you all the best during the rest of your pregnancy and labour. I hope you and your child are well and healthy.
12/11/2019 c98 Aeoliana
What a fantastic chapter! So many great developments. We’ve gotten so accustomed to bad news that I almost can’t believe Kyoko’s might just figure out the cure. Fingers crossed for actual progress - but I’m “nervously hopeful” in case you’re toying with my fragile heart haha.

Happy early New Years to the both of you. And wishing you a speedy and easy delivery with Baby Blushweaver!
12/11/2019 c98 Guest
So how are we baby overly excited praying for you n baby that the delivery goes well I'm so excited for you this is so exciting I know because my son was born Christmas Eve morning tell us an anxious time as well so I just wanted to give you a little encouragement to let you know I'd be praying for you and not to be overly excited or anxious so you can't help it I know first babies in the hall what a great time right well happy holidays to you and your hubby congrats
12/4/2019 c98 H-Nala
Yay rot cure incoming...
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