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3/15/2021 c113 H-Nala
Ohhh more juicy backstory!
3/3/2021 c113 misao97
Thank you for the update despite the crazy Texas weather and blackouts! I had to experience it too! I can’t wait for what’s in store and what happens next! Gambatte!
3/3/2021 c113 Blue fire
Glad your safe! I really enjoyed this chapter but where are the monsters leading Kuon? Just away? Can’t wait for Rosa story... it sounds enlightening. It’s ok that you don’t respond to every review... life still goes on.
I hope all you blushweavers stay safe. The world be crazy. Xoxo
3/2/2021 c113 palmtreehead
Wow you’re really going all out with the world building- I hadn’t considered how the djinn came to be. Thanks for continuing this story through such a difficult time.
2/25/2021 c113 Ringget
WoooW ! Just Woooooow! Back story of Rosa and Dark Djinn! Lover..? . Omg sooooo excited for next chapter !
2/24/2021 c113 SKall
Thank you for the new chapter.. stay safe
Why do I get the feeling that Rosa was in love with human form of Dijn...
2/23/2021 c113 Btothep2
Yay there is a new chapter! I'm so curious how this will develop! Is the djin the other half of rosa?is kyoko an reincarnated rosa? So many questions - I love where we are at in the story
2/23/2021 c113 dappledsunbeams
WHATTTTT! I was not expecting expecting THAT twist. Dying to devour more whenever it arrives. Thank you, as always, for everything you do. Rosa isn't the only one with magic xxx
2/23/2021 c113 43terna1Y0ut4
My crushed heart has been revived, I love you so much right now.
2/23/2021 c113 iamKnetti
I’m so confused!
I think I’ll need to re-read some of the older chapters because I can’t recall a Blood Ghost Giant Skeleton...
2/23/2021 c113 Roquedanica
Omg. I am so happy you are able to update even with thecrazy winter storm. Glad to hear you and your family is safe and doing good. I was just in dallas texas and its crazy how they have so much sky way. We got lost hundred times i guess. Anyway i am so excited to find out about rosas love story, hopefully kyoko will be revived soon i am dying to see her back in arms of koun. Hopefully we have a way to save kuon as well. And if i can make a wish i hope u will revive hikaru as well somehow, maybe when they replant the fig tree it will grant them 1 wish and since its itsumi who will do it then she will wish for hikaru. Hahaha i know its a long shot but worth a try haha, anyway i will always be here to support and wait for your update Blushweaver. Specially skip beat just announced that they will not be issuing a release next month huhu. I hope u can update soon, regards to your family. Stay safe
2/22/2021 c113 alur blaze
I’m happy you are safe.

I’ve been checking regularly for updates even when I had notifications - you know, just in case?

The plot is so thick now it’s a peanut butter jar. Thank you for your writing!
2/16/2021 c112 Guest
Oh my! What a roller coaster ride! So happy that Kyoko and Rosa is back!
2/12/2021 c112 Roquedanica
Omggggggggg i am looking everyday for new update. Can’t wait. How are you Mrs. Blushweaver. Keep safe to u and your family️ may god bless you
2/9/2021 c111 dreamerkins
hello, Mr Blush! welcome to your wife's amazing writing! (I probably have many words about the chapter itself... and it was a beautiful send off... but I always forget most everything when I try to comment. still know, I'm loving all you writing. .. every chapter. ..)
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