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for Mass Effect: Blood Flow

12/26/2019 c3 LilLinkGirl
Drat, was hoping for more.
8/26/2019 c3 3Saul'keth
Please get back to this at some point.
8/30/2018 c3 3Mumia0813
make it longer please lol
3/27/2018 c3 5FORD B
Awesome story!
7/9/2017 c1 mrfirecool
Update plz
5/5/2016 c3 Guest
This looks really promising so far, I can't wait for the next update!
4/12/2016 c3 5kinigget
Slow or not, this is definitely interesting. Looking forward to more
3/17/2016 c3 colbylg
gust found this. hop to see moor soon
2/22/2016 c3 6CJ-T-Bone
Alright, I'm in, let's see where this goes.
2/14/2016 c3 9JimmyHall24
Seras x3!
2/14/2016 c3 UnflinchingResolve
You sir have gold here. Please I implore you to keep it up.
1/7/2016 c3 Blinded in a bolthole
If there was one man in MEverse worthy of being called a Bro, it would be Garrus. Which is ironic because he is not a human.
1/1/2016 c3 12DeathFrown
Happy New Year And thanks for the amazing chappy! :D Waiting for more.
12/31/2015 c3 JC Denton-TheAugmentedGod
Yay update :)

Happy New Years !
12/31/2015 c3 TheNoWhereMan
This is a fantastic chapter, I enjoyed the bit from Garrus's perspective.
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