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for Mass Effect: Blood Flow

3/29/2015 c2 1Indecisive Bob
Nice chapter! It's nice to see this story updated after a couple months. Keep up the excellent work!

As a side note: Do you have any plans for the Varican and Iscariot to be in this story? As annoying as they are in Hellsing, they're still pretty dang awesome.
3/29/2015 c2 Basia Orci
Great story so far!
3/29/2015 c2 JC Denton-TheAugmentedGod
This will be an awesome bloodbath. ;)
3/29/2015 c2 1feral creature
Don't fret over it "shi.. I mean life happens"
2/26/2015 c1 DrkShdow
This is great can not wait for next chapter
2/12/2015 c1 Timerider
Please let Alucard be here somewhere. It's just not Hellsing without him.
Also, great job with the story so far. It's drawn me in quite nicely, and I am ITCHING for the rest.
Good luck with your work!
2/3/2015 c1 AverruncusFate
Sound interesting, keep the good work :D
2/3/2015 c1 1Indecisive Bob
Ooh! Sounds interesting! Keep up the good work!
2/2/2015 c1 JC Denton-TheAugmentedGod
Great start, I hope Seras kicks ass. :)
2/2/2015 c1 7six samurai of dragon order
cool, can't wait to see how it goes
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