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3/29/2015 c3 9bluefrostyy
poor pitch, really
i wonder what happens next
3/29/2015 c3 6PoopyPatuti
I like the story so far, it has an eery feel to it. Can't wait to read the rest!
3/29/2015 c3 The Naiads
Poor Pitch, he is so crewed e_e'
2/4/2015 c2 The Naiads
I wonder what Mischief did, ie: why she tore his teeth to Pitch? What the hell is she planning?
2/4/2015 c2 9bluefrostyy
ajajajajaajajajajajajaja jajaja oh my! Now i know what happened! I am looking forward to more :)
2/3/2015 c1 bluefrostyy
What the heck happened to him? I need to know continue !
2/3/2015 c1 The Naiads
Please update soon, I want to know what the hell happened to Pitch XD

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