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for Our Kuroko Tetsuya! (TEMPORARY HIATUS)

6/3/2018 c5 Guest
je veux voir la suite!
12/7/2017 c2 Guest
I like Akashi
8/27/2017 c5 Guest
je veux voir la suite !
6/4/2017 c5 mysterycessa
kyaaaaaa update !
4/19/2016 c5 awefanfic
please update soon!what will happen now?kiyoshi x kuroko!
3/10/2016 c5 Guest
10/3/2015 c5 1Darkness7913
Will there be a definite pairing in this or it will be KurokoxHarem or something like that? This is so interesting with Kuroko having an emperor's eye i mean
8/31/2015 c5 rhizz17
update please
8/5/2015 c5 Guest
Update please~ 3 I love your story!
8/5/2015 c2 Guest
Akashi Akashi Akashi Akashi Akashi Akashi Akashi
7/26/2015 c5 1fostine.foli
Tsundere midorima...lol

Now...two down...kise and midorima is already curious and interest with their new coach...*three more to go...and bam...kuroko will have his little group of admirer...lol...*poor him

Of course I want murakuro scene...*it is not fair for murasakibara to didn't have that moment...

Can't wait for the next chapter xD
7/25/2015 c2 1Lunatic Synthesia
it's late, i know, but i want kuroko to be paired with kagami :D
7/25/2015 c5 2Sapphire Water Maiden
Awe! So Cute!
6/12/2015 c2 The pig
Either Midorima or Kiyoshi
6/4/2015 c4 EloquentLady
How I missed this fanfic.. I have no idea but seriously if you are to do a coupling why not just keep it Harem this way all those AkaKuro (( I am one of those fans lol )) and other fans of other couplisng get what they want.. Plus More.
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