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for Showing The Flames

10/11/2018 c3 BlackCrystal06
Oh Rin! You Dummy! Hahahahaha!
10/11/2018 c2 BlackCrystal06
This one's funny!
7/8/2018 c33 Anon
Thanks for the memories.
4/29/2018 c18 1TheSwanSennin
Shima decides to pull down Rin pants as a prank! (Pretend he hides his tail in his pants, not his shirt.)
3/2/2018 c21 Yuna
Oh god, I'm laughing here like crazy, this is wonderful !
3/2/2018 c20 Yuna
But maybe you should include the reactions of the others...
3/2/2018 c19 Yuna
Thats also a good story
3/2/2018 c17 Yuna
That's realistic and well xD
3/2/2018 c15 Yuna
They woild be scared of him...
3/2/2018 c11 Yuna
Okay point taken, they also could think Rin is posessed by Satan...
3/2/2018 c10 Yuna
A bit unrealistic and once again the blue flames are Satan's symbol
3/2/2018 c8 Yuna
They wouldn't ask if he is a demon IT IS OBVIOUS XD
3/2/2018 c6 Yuna
It is obvious that he is a demon and that he is Satan's son...
3/2/2018 c5 Yuna
I don't think they would want to help Rin, after they discover he is a demon (or worse, Satan's son...)
3/2/2018 c4 Yuna
The reactions of the others to such a revelation wojld be WAY more extreme I think xD
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