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for Showing The Flames

3/2/2018 c2 Yuna
This is a wonderful idea really!
3/2/2018 c1 Yuna
It would be obvious for Rin's classmates that he is Satan's son the moment they see the blue Flames...
Satan is the only demon who has that power... (Rin not included of course xD)
1/13/2018 c21 BorderLand
Ok it would be cool if demon really had this kind of techniques.
11/4/2017 c33 Guest
Wow, honestly I don't check the blue exorcist tab on much anymore, but when I saw your update with this I screamed yelling. ''they posted something''. This is weird writing some sort of goodbye to this account as I've been following it basically religiously since mid 2014. You're story ideas are incredible and I will honestly go back to them always whenever I'm in this tag anyways.

Goodbye to you and thank you for all you've contributed and done
10/30/2017 c33 Ethereal Eidolon
I was so excited when I saw an update, but I certainly did not expect this.

Good luck with your future endeavors, whatever they may be, and please take good care of the piece of my heart that you're taking with you T-T
10/22/2017 c18 SilloAnnis
What if Rin lost control during a mission or class?
10/19/2017 c33 233DPhantom
*A radio tunes in and out*

~This is the end... I've-
~So long and thanks for all- So sad that it should come to this-!
~When I'm gone, when I'm gone, when I'm gone-

*Tuner finally settles on a station*

We'll, meet again,
Don't know where,
Don't know when,
But I know we'll meet again
Some sunny day~...


"'Till we meet again..."

*Radio clicks off for what many hope will not be the last time, but most know will be*

"Oh! I saved the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads to way,
I doubted if I should ever return..."

"We always say see you later,
But we usually mean goodbye." ~

So for the sake of insanity and accuracy:

10/18/2017 c33 StilesCook
so long
10/18/2017 c1 4WaveringEyes
It is about freaking time you updated, Nurse Medusa!
I’ve been bugging you about updating for like a year!
10/18/2017 c33 Guest
Bye bye
10/18/2017 c33 29YokaiAngel
Good luck~
10/10/2017 c1 trying
These are hilarious. I had some ideas if you wanted to do them but I kinda forgot them oops.
9/27/2017 c1 Ethereal Eidolon
Love all of these so much! Unfortunately, my creative juices are running dry after staying up all night reading this masterpiece, but here's an idea:

Yukio draws a devil's trap pentagram on the floor in class for the purpose of demonstrating how it would work to his students. Of course, right on schedule, Rin walks into class 10 minutes late and steps right into the trap *cue evil laugh*
8/3/2017 c32 10Lady.Luci.Lucifer
Is this story being continued?
7/2/2017 c25 2Killua Lawliet
RinYou hid my tail in my pants!"
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