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2/20/2018 c15 Vilya13
Wow. Read the whole story in the span of two days, I think it's beautiful. I love angst and this takes it to a high level, and I love Damon as a character so I was very happy with his POV throughout the story. Lovely ending, a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. :))
3/20/2015 c15 DElena all the way
Great work ... especially with the last chapter. The Reason I would want to read it again !
3/13/2015 c15 30Seddielover945
If your next fic is any where near as beautiful a this one, it's going to be AMAZING! I cried while reading this! It was beautiful!
3/11/2015 c15 M
Loved it! This whole fic was perfect, really sad but it was still perfect. Loved the ending, it couldn't have been better, they deserved some peace after so many chapters of misery.
3/11/2015 c15 Guest
Oh God, Im crying ! Beautiful ending
3/11/2015 c14 Margie
Very sad.
3/10/2015 c14 Eleid
poor damon, he is competely alone and I am heartbroken :(
please more
3/7/2015 c12 M
This was probably the saddest chapter I have ever read in a fanfiction but it was still incredible all the same... This chapter was really well written and I think you described Damon's emotions in a great way. Waiting anxiously for the next chapter
3/6/2015 c11 Eleid
wow, this is the first delena fanfiction Ive ever read. I been a fan of the couple for a while now but I wasnt that much into them to read stories about them. I gave it a chance now because theres not so much new to read about my number one fav couple from smallville :( and I was just bored and decided to look for delenas fics, and wow, I started and couldnt stop ;), just loved this story, is so sad and touching and very well written, that now you have me eagerly waiting for next part :)
3/5/2015 c11 Guest
I don't really know what to say after reading that. Anything good that happened were only in dreams. So...thanks for sharing the misery, I guess?
3/5/2015 c11 Seddielover945
Awe, that was so sad, but it was beautiful! Update soon!
3/5/2015 c11 6thegoatlady
Ah, you're killing me!
2/26/2015 c9 Guest
Damn. This is all just one problem, one tragedy after the other. With no bright side in sight. I guess you tried to warn the readers, but I continued to read it anyway. Sigh. My poor heart. We'll see if I can push through reading the next installment.
2/26/2015 c9 Freedom to Rarity
I cried through the chapters. It's very sad yet I can't seem to stop reading
2/23/2015 c8 M
So sad... But I love it this story is really great , can't wait for the next chapter!
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