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for Failure To Communicate

1/15 c1 TheFanFictionReviewer-Ursalias
Very well written. It' nice to see Stoick's support for Hiccup. Loved "expressing emotion with the subtlety of a hammer", hilarious!
2/6/2015 c1 anonamous
odd were is toothless and will there be more later?
2/3/2015 c1 Guest
I agree, there are too many stories of weepy Hiccup. His character as portrayed in HTTYD 1 shows he is very strong emotionally, and would never devolve into the wimp portrayed in a lot of fics. He IS a Viking and can take anything the world dishes out. Hats off to you.

I really like your thinking in putting this together. Can we hope for more of the same in the future? Thank you very much for sharing with us.
2/3/2015 c1 45midnightsky0612
Wow, i love this absolutely brillant!

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