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3/12 c11 1Lesbihonest93
5/14/2016 c19 3chase-zoey4life
I loved it. Please write more chapters. I'm interested in the story.
5/2/2016 c1 Guest
5/1/2016 c19 Guest
I'm still interested
5/1/2016 c19 Guest
I like it if you updated this story
5/1/2016 c19 leeman45
YES, do more writing! I look forward to reading whatever comes next!
4/30/2016 c19 24miraculous lulubug
What ideas do you have in mind to add to the story?
9/28/2015 c18 Guest
is there going to be another chapter? possibly with other characters coming together the following morning or something like that?
9/25/2015 c18 Guest
The ending made me have tears. Incredible!
9/23/2015 c17 Guest
Cant wait for the next chapter, I need answers!
6/7/2015 c20 20Runnerload
Poor Zoey and I can't believe that Chase is honestly saying that leaving her was for the best, because doesn't he see how sad she is right now?
5/27/2015 c20 Guest
Very nice. The story is coming along good and I hope you keep publishing
5/27/2015 c20 Guest
Ahh this is so good but why are the chapters so short? :)
5/26/2015 c19 Runnerload
I can't believe that Chase isn't considering to stay with Zoey and support her as a friend at least! Poor Zoey she really loves him and now that one person returns out of nowhere to cause her some more heartbreak.
5/25/2015 c19 ChaseZoey
So exciting chapter! Hope Chase and zoey get back together at the end.
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