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1/19 c27 REANDEER-44
When will you come back? we want more of your beautiful story, already almost a year. Please continue the story
1/19 c27 Guest
Por favor actualiza
1/15 c27 Guest
Por favor continúa la historia
1/9 c21 juan.juarez.adanaquejdja
¿vas a continuar tu historia?
1/6 c27 Marco martinez
Casi un año
1/4 c26 Guest
Oy idiot she forces out the truth not make it the truth you should know this you made her character
1/4 c8 Guest
Ok ulqiurroa or whatever is the most gay person I’ve ever seen like you lights aswell say he’s gay at this point
1/4 c27 Dotty
It's safe to say I've read this fic at least 10 times, I'm happy to see it updated and can't wait for more updates, whenever they may be :›
1/4 c2 Guest
I’m sorry but that bonding moment seems too gay
12/30/2020 c1 sukasakaluis
Espero que tu navidad haya sido reconfortante.
Feliz año, nuevo por adelantado.
Espero una actualización, de tu hermosa historia, seguiré esperando.
12/26/2020 c21 Dragonblaze66
Did zangetsu look ichigo did in the past? Do the combined zangetsus look like they did when they taught him the final getsuga?
12/25/2020 c27 Steveboi
Just found your story an man do I enjoy your twist on Bleach. I hope you're staying safe and can't wait for the next installment
12/22/2020 c27 Memounstruo
Cuando volveras, queremos mas de tu hermosa historia
12/17/2020 c27 Dragons44
The Battle for Hueco Mundo was awesome, and I can't wait to see what happens between Soi Fon and Gin. I hope you keep updating this story, I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far.
12/16/2020 c16 Genesis09
I’m getting thoughts of Soifon being treated like garbage by Soul Society going back to Hueco Mundo and going through Stockholm Syndrome for Ichigo.
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