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6/26 c27 2TheMaelstorm'sVengeance
Dude this story is insanely good. I also fell out of love with Bleach, especially near the end but this story is almost exactly what I wish the manga had been. Please continue to update it even if it is yearly.
6/24 c27 Hyperman15
I’m sure it’s possible to unfuse them with the hogyoku (it means breakdown sphere after all) and maybe Ayon could become thier collective Segundo étapa as a result of being unified as one.
6/22 c1 demissedwaifu
I love how you executed everything~
6/22 c1 Lolo
2 ans d’attente et croyez moi j’attendrais 20 ans meme pour une note d’abondons !
6/15 c27 Aaroniero1Arruruerie
Si te soy sincero, esto es una de las cosas más legendarias de Bleach que he leído, aunque por el tiempo de salida parece como si sacarás un volumen de Novela Ligera jajajaja

Esperamos con ansias las revelaciones en los siguientes capítulos hermano
6/14 c27 DryDoidoi1
I hope you continue this story, seeing as it hasn't been updated in a while. Giselle's execution, while par for the course with your version of Ichigo, did upset me a bit. I've enjoyed this story on the whole, however.
6/11 c1 Xenomidori
Still deeply hoping this unique gem of a story gets picked up again
6/11 c27 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Heya melkor. It’s been about two years and some odd months. Is there any chance that White could get an update or, if not, send me a general plotline and if Ichigo achieves his wish? I am glad Yuzu is rescued, and would like to know if the whole family survives. Whether it be by you finishing this story or by Pm doesn’t matter to me. Binged this and have loved every chapter of it!
6/8 c11 Hyperman15
This thing is going to be a Kurosaki Civil War with Isshin and Karin on one side and Ichigo and maybe Yuzu on the other
6/8 c10 Hyperman15
Great chapter. White totally bleached the Shinigamis
5/27 c4 3venomzombie 2149
Cuando regresaras? Ya hasta me intriga saber si incluiras a Azashiro Kenpachi y que arrancars estarán en la saga fullbring
5/27 c27 BoredKing
For fuck sake, of course you have Yuzu do something stupid like go with Bambieta. That's not how Stockholm syndrome works btw. It wouldn't make her listen to Bambieta because she was threatening that Yhwach would kill her if she defected. The more likely scenario is that Yuzu would hesitate to listen to anyone out of indecisiveness due to her fear.

And you killed Giselle but spared the others when she was trying to get Yuzu back to Ichigo? The hell? If you killed her then why bother sparing any of the others? Why not kill Bambieta since she was the main one keeping Yuzu from escaping?

I'm going to be blunt so I apologize if I offend you but I've noticed that as this story progresses you've gotten worse in writing your character interactions. You've been making them act in illogical and uncharacteristic manners just to move the plot along or to create more drama (there already is an enough drama so cut back on it will you?). It's an issue many stories have but it's not like you can't fix it, just have them stop forcing your charcaters to act in ways that only serve to create drama or force the plot.

I like your story but most of the decisions you've had most characters making just ruin it. I want you to go back and read your own story from the start, no skimming or trying to justify anyone's actions and you'll see what I mean.
5/27 c24 BoredKing
All the focus on the past and everyone gaining powers from a defeated former king isn't really the way I was hoping this story would go. It comes off as cheap rather than badass since rather than growing strong and achieving success by they're own merits, everyone is just being boosted by someone who already lost (and badly at that) so it makes me question if they're going to even stand a chance.

Plus all the fated crap really undermines everything on top of that. Just makes Ichigo's rise to power feel hollow if the only reason was because it was fated.
5/26 c21 BoredKing
Not gonna lie, that flashback fight was disappointing. I expected an epic battle but they were just spamming moves that did almost nothing. And if Zangetsu had enough power to create the Abyssal Gap then how was he losing? I was expecting something like a Mugetsu to be the reason for the Gap, not some stupid move (why not juat drop it at the captains' feet and take them out then and there?). Overall, that was probably the worst fight scene I've read in a while.
5/22 c27 SPECTOR -107
Please come back and update this story
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