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11/7 c7 Trujillo Giron
I’m loving this trinity of the supernatural world being formed. A union of a Shinigami and Quincy birthed three children. One died and became a hollow and the other two go off to become a Shingami and Quincy
10/29 c5 NOCQP
how did Nel stab him in the middle of his torso if there is a massive hole there? just thought that was kinda funny
10/25 c27 Azurom
This Grew into something amaising, please see so that at least a couple of the quincies join the faction this needs not be a full hollow faction, but it needs to be made of peopla that want to live and be free
10/24 c27 miku2497
I'm very intrigued by the story, I didn't expect it to catch me so much haha
It has everything, drama, action, fighting, it could be an anime filler. I would like more human world in the story, Orihime, Chad, Tatsuki, Misuiro, Keigo are all important or well they were for Ichigo before. Careful Hollows and Quincys that Orihime will not be left behind. Although it would have to be built a lot since with everything that Ichigo experienced and built in "Hueco Mundo" it would be difficult for him to generate a bond with him. Her adventure with Harribel a few chapters ago left me impressed, I didn't expect such a feat from her but I like it.
I think the gaps cannot be reproduced, after all their conception and evolution is complex. However, since it is "arrancar" we don't know if that is possible. I don't think Harribel can since I understand that her "hole" is in her uterus but who knows.
I hope everyone can get along with the surviving quicys, they're not that bad haha and they tried (or attempted) to treat Yuzu well and she knows it.
This story has not been updated for more than three years, I feel very sad. It's been too long since a story captivated me so much. Please don't abandon her!
You are an excellent writer! congratulations!
10/23 c24 miku2497
At first I found the story captivating and when Ichigo met different characters, my heart hummed ahhh I loved all the encounters and grimmjow
I thought I was going to get dizzy when the story became original but it feels fresh almost part of the original cannon.
10/23 c22 miku2497
wow! What a shame this is not rated as mature but it doesn't need it!
I strongly support the idea of a fic with deleted spicy love scenes!
10/23 c21 miku2497
This is getting very interesting. It is one of the longest, most complete and complex fics I have read. I'm enjoying everything! I skipped some of Karin's chapters at the reaper academy hahaha but I really liked the quincys, I didn't think I would sympathize with all of them
10/23 c12 miku2497
hahaha that Candice! you have to win over your future sister-in-law ha ok no
I agree with the Bambis and Giselle, ufff Ichigo is very handsome! I laughed a lot at his comments, his interactions are very funny, I like them. Although the "arrancar/hoco" are still my favorite group
10/23 c11 miku2497
hahaha with Ichigo that way, I feel like Giselle ufff
10/23 c9 miku2497
Damn school sucks! and much more one of shinigami...
10/22 c3 miku2497
I like everything! hahaha There is a clear mistake here, we know that Rukia is more than 1000 years old and since she is in Seireitei as a reaper, then why doesn't she recognize Isshin Shiba? It doesn't make any sense since Isshin left the seireitei when he fell in love with Masaki (maybe like a year or two before Ichigo was born, I mean, 16 years ago).
I mean when Isshin was still captain (we don't know how long he was but it must have been many years), Rukia was already in the seireitei as a reaper hahaha there is no possibility that she doesn't know who Isshin is hahaha
I guess it's Tite Kubo's mistake, I think it's because he didn't think about the whole story of Isshin's past when he was in his first chapters of story development. At least she could explain that Rukia didn't recognize Isshin because she perhaps spent so much time training outside of the seireitei that she didn't know the formation of captains back then. That sounds valid but it was never clarified, we can only imagine that it was like that...
10/16 c27 Aliata
damn I really like this story

hopefully it eventually gets updated its too good to just be left at this point
10/10 c27 Guest
I hope the next chapter comes out soon
9/25 c18 Guest
I'ma glad it was finally addressed, personally I want Ichigo to end up with Nelliel. I feel like there's a better use for these female character than having them ALL simp for Ichigo tho...what about Grimmjow? There's other characters you could pair them with that need love too. Why do the other male characters have to play second fiddle to Ichigo when he does eventually choose one of the girls and they have to find their own partners? I could understand a friendly rivalry with Harribel and Nelliel for the right to be with ichigo but the Entire female Arrancer cast is horrendously uncalled for imo.
9/24 c9 Guest
See now, me Personally I wouldn't take that level of disrespect. Fuck Yamamoto, I'ma keep speaking until I am Heard and Fully Understood.
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