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5/26/2015 c15 Nicolle1977
Love that she's a bad ass and set Eric straight.
5/25/2015 c15 lisa lloyd
This is a great story so PLEASE up date soon & finish this story as well cause ur doing a great job!
5/25/2015 c15 ann
Sookie needs to learn some control she is really loosing it. I like the idea of partnership but I'm pretty sure Eric high handed side will make it hard.
Looking forward to more!
5/25/2015 c15 4Tynee23
Really enjoyed this chapter. Thanks
5/24/2015 c15 2ashmo2000
Sophie Ann and Andre will be a serious problem. I guess throwing Eric through a window across the street really brought it home for him. They're gonna have a lot to work through. And I know they can do it.
5/24/2015 c15 Guest
Sookie shouldve let her anger fly & used her light trick on Andre when he made a tawdry suggestion & it would've established her worth & place next to Eric right then with a giant 'don't fuck with this 'human''!
She didn't.
She used the situation to hold Eric accountable.
Then seriously harmed Eric. Which got swept under the rug.
If Eric had done that to her Naill would've made Eric a puddle! How is that "equality"?

Sookie mistakes independence, feisty, sassy to mean haughty bitch behavior
5/24/2015 c15 2The1WriterFormerlyKnownAs
I'm so glad she set him straight.
5/24/2015 c15 spookygabby
I am soooo happy with this story. Especially because Sookie is definitely more powerful then TV show cannon.
I also like she isn't all damsel in distress. While I do think she will need assistance when it comes to certain things, I don't see that as her being a damsel in distress. Mainly because she will probably be able to help Eric just as much as he is able to help her.
So yes, I definitely agree with you about them having a mature relationship. To me the definition of that is being partners in life.
Can't wait for more!
5/24/2015 c15 Guest
I love such Sookie Great chapter
5/24/2015 c15 lori p 100
Absolutely cracking story . Kick ass Sookie rocks
5/24/2015 c15 1LostInSpace33
I love it when she lays down the law! Even Eric can't say no to a light-blasting Sookie. LOL
5/24/2015 c15 Perfecta999
I like this Sookie! She is a perfect match for Eric.
5/24/2015 c15 Guest
Sookie needs to grow up. What happened to the 'fairy manual' in her brain? Or would she rather Andre and thus the Queen be alerted to just how important Sookie is to Eric? Hmmm? While it sucks balls, Eric's lackluster introduction of Sookie as just some human, which by the way was only to Andre (since he already made Sookie's importance CLEAR to all other vamps...which spurred this visit btw) could've worked to throw cold water on Andre theory Sookie is more to him. It may have served to upset the Queens plans for a while too.
But nooooooooooooo.

Sookie can't think of the 'smart' course to take because her pride gets in way. Also it's not like Eric knew what André suggested...but she held him responsible and directed her anger at Eric not caring in the slighted he didn't know! Oh - let's not forget Sookie has kept Eric in complete darkness about her "powers". I DONT think Eric should've lied to her about not being in pain. Actually I think he should've driven her ass straight home and left her to examine her own self and 'lies of omission' under the same microscope she uses on everything Eric does and says...even when he's not aware!

It's great Sookie isn't a damsel. Kudos for not doormatting her. But she is immature in her lopsided expectations which makes her come off as a hypocrit and like she thinks she's better than those 'bloodsuckers' as dear old gramps calls em.

I'm all for equality, but anyone who has a successful marriage is well aware this is a buzzword for starry eyed romance novel readers. There is ALWAYS one partner who will have more power/input...the success is REALIZING how often it shifts from one person to the other depending on the situation/experience to the next...and balancing things as PARTNERS! Being okay to be the one who steps back when their PARTNER knows more in a certain situation and allowing them to lead - instead of stomping a foot like a petulant child and demanding to have equal say so! Sadly the person doing said stomping for 'equality' just insinuated they were more important and thus, have the power. Ironic huh? But that's just it. Most people demanding equality don't do 'big picture' and never see just how self absorbed that demand is. In this situation, Eric isn't demeaning Sookie or treating her like the little woman, a china doll, nor is he abusive. He's using 1000years of knowledge and strategy to keep Sookie as far off Andre/SophieAnne/Bill's radar as possible. Eric is 'big picture', Sookie is all about her own feelings, can't see the forest for her own nose and WILL get Eric (possibly Godric) killed! Right now Sookie is dangerous. Not just because she can't get a handle on her powers, but because she's a linear 'all about what I want' thinker/demander.
Gran and Niall need to sit her ass down and have a come to Jesus with her. Maybe not Niall since the faeare all egocentric (a Sookie inherited trait).
But if Sookie continues on this path of 'this is what gonna happen' 'because I say so', etc and blows a freakin fuse every time she doesn't like something, they will not survive in the lethal supe world. Sometimes following/listening is the strongest smartest thing a person can do. Sookie's too immature to grasp this currently.
I fear for Eric. She's made him weaker as each chapter progresses. Now the wolves are at his door and Sookie's thrown it wide open inviting them in. *face palm*
5/24/2015 c15 GoodTimeCookie
I was so waiting for an update! Great chapter.
5/24/2015 c15 1Lexxxi
Awwww cute. I love angry sookie! Xxoo
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